It Is The Lord!

Based on John 21:1-14.
A# – 1st fret power chord
Cp – 3rd fret power chord
Pm – Palm mute


Cp/Em   Cp/Em  Cp/Em   A#/Cp/Em

Cp       Em                   Cp / Em
After the crucifixion
Cp      Em             A#/Cp/Em
Jesus appeared again
Cp                Em                      Cp/Em
Their hearts were all affliction
Cp                      Em                          A# / Cp / Em
Till their boat came ’round the bend
Cp/Em   Cp/Em   Cp/Em          A#/Cp/Em   | A#/Cp/Em


Pm-A#——-A#      A#—A#
       Memories to betray
Pm-Em——-Em      ————-high pick – O
       Fade away, fade away


Cp/Em   Cp/Em  Cp/Em   A#/Cp/Em

Cp                           Em                     Cp / Em
“Throw your net onto the right side.”
Cp                 Em                   A#/Cp/Em
It was a large number of fish
Cp                                Em                   Cp/Em
“It is the Lord!” the apostle John cried
         Cp                             Em                     A# / Cp / Em
And they sat on the beach and had a dish
Cp/Em   Cp/Em   Cp/Em          A#/Cp/Em   | A#/Cp/Em


About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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