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LGBT People in the United Methodist Church – John Boruff

Both the Old and New Testaments clearly teach that the gay lifestyle is sinful and detestable, but transformation is possible through repentant faith in Jesus. The church should be kind and helpful to those trying to forsake this lifestyle, but … Continue reading

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Biblical Clothing and Modesty: A Bibliography – John Boruff

I don’t necessarily agree with everything here, but some of their observations might be valuable. Most of them are by Sword of the Lord:–which is fundamental Baptist. 1. Ignacio Palacios’ Biblical Apparel.¬†Allegheny Publications. Wesleyan. 2. Elizabeth Handford’s Your Clothes Say … Continue reading

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The Modern Church Worships Secular Humanism – Paul Washer

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Conservative Books on Miraculous Gifts – John Boruff

I regard both Protestant and Catholic publishers to have good light to shine on the nature of miraculous gifts. Although I reject Marian dogmas, prayers to saints, Purgatory, and extreme asceticism, I still believe there is a great deal of … Continue reading

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