The Clouds of Heaven

Based on Jude 1:14-15, Revelation 20:2, 1:7, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, and 2 Thess. 1:8.
A# – power chord on 1st fret
Cp – power chord on 3rd fret
C#5 – power chord on 4th fret

Behold, the Lord comes with
Cp                                   A#
Ten thousands of His saints
To judge the wicked forthwith
Cp                         A#
Satan is now in chains

Everyone on earth will see Him
And hear the trumpet blast
Heaven’s faces lookin’ so grim
To bring justice at last

I saw in the night visions
C#5                              A#
One like the Son of Man
Coming with the clouds of Heaven
C#5          A#
To fulfill His holy plan


With the voice of the archangel
And the trumpet call of God
A moment sweet and painful
To destroy religious fraud

In flaming fire and vengeance
On them that know not God
All the saints in attendance
They cry and they applaud


About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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