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Prophetic Ministry Books Conscious of John Wesley, Charles Finney, Etc.

See also: In Pursuit of Holy Prophets, Prophetic Ministry Books Ranking As I delve into the Gospel writings of John Wesley and Charles Finney, I realize that a strong sense of justification by faith alone, regeneration by the Holy Spirit, … Continue reading

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“A Manual for Planting a Wesleyan Bible Study Group”: Outlines for a Wesleyan Street Preacher’s Handbook (Part 2)

The Great Awakening with Jonathan Edwards (1734-1737) The Great Awakening with George Whitefield (1739-1741) The Methodist Revival with John Wesley (1738-1743) Part 1: George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards on Hell: The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment 1. George Whitefield: The Eternity … Continue reading

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St. Patrick of Ireland (387-493)

St. Patrick’s Day: Think Again! It is sad to know, that most people associate the name of St. Patrick with the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day—which involves beer, drunkenness, the color green, and lastly, leprechauns, lucky clovers, and perhaps a … Continue reading

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