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Charismatic Christianity, Occultism, and Greek Philosophy – John Boruff

2,000 years ago in Palestine a Man named Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth. He was a Prophet, Miracle Worker, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and a Deliverance Minister. Today we know of Him only as “the Son of God,” and it … Continue reading

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“Evangelical Mysticism” – The Article That Wikipedia Deleted – John Boruff

Evangelical mysticism is a movement within Christian mysticism. Differences between Christian mysticism and Evangelical mysticism can be identified that are fundamental and significant. Unlike the generic “Christian mysticism,” which supports liberal Christianity‘s mixture of Catholic mystical theology with Hindu and … Continue reading

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Praying in Tongues: The Power of God and Gifts of the Spirit Increased! – John Boruff

I’ve been doing some studies recently on how to increase the POWER OF GOD in a Christian’s life. FASTING AND PRAYER plays a huge role, as Franklin Hall’s Atomic Power with God clearly shows. But on the other hand, so … Continue reading

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Levels of Miraculous Faith: Increased Through Prayer and Fasting! – John Boruff

The more I study the Bible, and the lives of the saints, and the more I practice praying for healing, deliverance, and nature miracles—the more I’m convinced of Jesus’ saying, “According to your faith will it be done” (Matt. 9:29). … Continue reading

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Spiritual Discernment (Part 2) – John Boruff

The Celtic Monks Practiced a Bible-Based Discernment of Morals Recently I was overjoyed at discovering a chapter on spiritual discernment in “The Rule for Monks” by Columbanus in the Paulist Press anthology called Celtic Spirituality. Columbanus–not to be confused with … Continue reading

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Angel Sparkles: Visions That Confirm Revelations – John Boruff

For a full layout of this material, see this e-book:  Supernatural Lights – This is mainly a study of angelic lights, but also takes a look at the shekinah glory of God and demonic lights, for the sake of spiritual discernment. Today, … Continue reading

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Limited Charismatics

I know it may come off as “elitist” or “condescending,” but I want to express a concern I have over a certain type of Christian mindset. I will call them “limited Charismatics” or “limited Pentecostals.” I don’t know everything. I … Continue reading

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