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Understanding and Resisting the Occult (Part 2) – John Boruff

The following is my latest (and probably last) chapter that I just added on to my e-book How to Experience God: CHAPTER 10 UNDERSTANDING AND RESISTING THE OCCULT It wasn’t until I entered into a challenging discussion with a Cessationist[1] … Continue reading

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Communism and Christianity – Rebekah Boruff

What comes to mind when a person today thinks of the word “Communism”? Does a person think of black and white films of the Stalin regime on the History Channel? Do people imagine clean cut soldiers marching high to a … Continue reading

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How to Resist Prophetic Pride – John Boruff

When we receive accurate prophetic revelations, and they have been confirmed by others, then it can puff up our heads with “prophetic pride” (1 Cor. 8:1). Even if you don’t want the pride of your prophetic accuracy to be puffing … Continue reading

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The Need for a History of Protestant Mysticism – John Boruff

Evangelical mysticism is a modern-day form of Protestant mysticism. It is influenced by all of the theological developments of Evangelicalism in the 20th century. But if we are to fully understand where Evangelical mysticism comes from, then we need to know … Continue reading

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A Bibliography of Spiritual Warfare

UPDATE: 3/16/13: The documentary The Rite of Exorcism (2011) clearly displays how much more developed the theology and experience of exorcism is developed in the Roman Catholic Church, more than anything in the Pentecostal churches. However, I would use Catholic … Continue reading

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A Bibliography of Continuationism – John Boruff

Continuationism is the Charismatic theological position that the miraculous gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:8-10), have continued throughout church history, and continue to manifest today. Theologically, it is the opposite of Cessationism, which is the perspective that the miraculous … Continue reading

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Demonic Encounters: Another Reason Why Evangelicals Resist the Prophetic – John Boruff

Cessationists and “open but cautious” (for all intents, I will call them anti-charismatic) Christians have many reasons for why they resist modern-day spiritual experiences like dreams and visions. Among these reasons is the fact that charismatics sometimes experience demonic encounters and … Continue reading

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