Tips to Plan for a Revival Event

1. Cooperative Revival Event Among Pastors and the Evangelist. John R. Rice said in We Can Have Revival Now! (1950), “I feel a cooperative or union campaign, when churches and pastors officially set out to work together in soul-winning efforts, is much, much better than an independent revival campaign where an evangelist comes in and makes independent plans and preaches the gospel. Better independent campaigns than none at all, of course, and better a few saved than none. But the greatest revival results have always depended somewhat on how many people of God, the born-again, Bible believers, one could enlist in the same prayer and effort.”

2. Schedule the Revival Event on a Public Calendar. All churches involved should let their congregations know the date, time, and place of the event. The evangelist should have a calendar or itinerary of revival events on his website as well.

3. All Pastors Contribute a Little Money to the Revival Event.

4. Evangelist Contributes Money to the Revival Event.

5. Organize Prayer Teams for the Revival Event.

6. Organize Greeters, Ushers, Parking Lot Attendants, Nursery Workers, and Prayer Ministers/Altar Workers for Altar Calls.

7. Organize a Praise and Worship Team for 15-30 Minutes of Worship (Evangelist Should Specify Songs–Hillsong, Robin Mark, Isaac Watts, hymns, etc).

8. Ask Attendees to Bring a Friend to the Revival Event.

9. Pass Out Contact Information Cards for Attendees to Fill Out–Leave a Check Box if They Would Like Follow-Up on the Evangelist’s Mailing List.

10. Evangelist should remind attendees that they can choose to attend any of the fine churches who were involved in promoting this revival.

11. Use Free Advertising: Radio stations, cable channels, newspapers, local advertising papers, etc.

12. Use Paid Ads.

13. Advertise the Revival Event In At Least 6 Ways: TV, Radio, Newspaper, Flyers, Newsletters, Bulletins, Announcements, Pastors Announce the Event.

14. The Leading Pastors Introduce the Evangelist; and at the End of the Event, the Evangelist Redirects the People Back to the Pastors.

15. The Evangelist Should Act on Mark 16:15-20:

(1) Preach the Gospel and Baptize Converts (there should be clothing set aside for this).
(2) Lay Hands on People* for Spirit-Baptism and Speaking in Tongues.
(3) Lay Hands on People (hands or shoulder) and Share Inner Visions or Words.
(4) Lay Hands on the Sick and Pray for Their Healing.
(5) Lay Hands on the Demonized and Pray for Their Deliverance.

*The evangelist’s wife should pray for the women and girls.


Most of this article is based on Marvin R. Dennis, Appalachian District Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, “Preparing for Revival.”

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