6 Common Sins in Churches

From my observation, the following are 6 common sins I see in churches, both among conservative evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatics:

1. Immodesty. With the divorce rate climbing past 50% it is no wonder that sexual immodesty would find its way into our church services, which is not only inviting men to look at a woman with lust (Matt. 5:28), and commit visual adultery in the heart, but is a great distraction from praise, worship, or prayer, to those in the pew and pulpit alike. It should go without saying that women should not dress seductively when they go to church. It’s a church folks, not a bar.

2. Movies. I am surprised how casual pastors and their elders are about movies. They are supposed to set a holy example, but to refer to movies without any qualifications or conditions, or sense of censorship, is basically like giving an endorsement to ALL movies, to those who might not watch every single movie they watch. Hollywood pollutes the thought lives of millions, and apparently church leaders are going right along with them, rather than crying out against the vile sexuality, obscene language, and over-the-top violence that fills the thoughts of their church members every week (Col. 3:8). Then its time to dress up in your fancy-go-meeting clothes; and go to church. I don’t see how 90% of the movies produced every month can be anything but contrary to a holy life. “Whatsoever things are pure, think on these things” (Php. 4:8).

3. Beach, Pool, etc. Again on the sexual immodesty bandwagon here. If you are serious about covering your body; and not watching sexual images every week in movies, the logical conclusion is, that like Joseph, you will run away from Potiphar’s wife (Gen. 39:12). The beach, the pool, and water parks, and other similar venues are filled with half-naked women; nobody will debate that. So again, I am unable to reconcile these “fun” activities with remaining “pure in heart” so you can see God (Matt. 5:8), and not boobs and woman flesh everywhere. Is it legalism to think this way? No, it’s just applying the Bible to your life.

4. Flattery. I find that some pastors say flattering things to church attendees, so they will want to come back, feel loved, feel they have a place (utility)–which usually means cleaning up trash–or being an usher–or something that does not involve preaching unless you are a “faithful” church member for 10 years. Proverbs 29:5: “A man who flatters his neighbor spreads a net for his feet.” Sometimes all people need is a flattering word or two to keep ’em coming (in a charismatic church, this may take the form of an “encouraging” prophetic word); that way the census of David which Satan roused him up to, can continue with the head-counting of the pastor (1 Chron. 21:1).

5. Not Preaching Against Sin. It’s what we call “seeker-sensitive” or not wanting to offend the church members; being “non-judgmental” is seen as walking in God’s grace, rather than preaching to deny ungodly lusts, or to walk soberly and righteously (Titus 2:12). Matthew 7:1: “Judge not or you too will be judged” is never taken in its cautious and sin-exacting context to verse 5 of that chapter. Anyone who does speak against sin is labeled a judgmental legalist (an un-Biblical term). So any “sensitive” grace and love is only surface deep; it never results in any meaningful, holy conversations (1 Peter 1:15). Demons, Hell, repentance, the blood of Jesus, the cross, sanctification, and holiness are all OFF LIMITS. Anything but that! And they will find something to preach about, so long as it’s not about such things.

6. No Street Preaching. A “seeker-sensitive” view of ministry also means there will be no street preaching on the Gospel. It will be one-on-one “relationships” and telling others that God loves them, but the Gospel will not really be preached. It will involve talking, and praying, and just inviting people to your church. The Book of Acts is sufficient to testify against this.

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