Steve Hill: Spiritual Avalanche – It’s Supernatural

5/14/15 – I am becoming more persuaded that the Brownsville Revival was the last significant truly prophetic move of God that we’ve seen in the recent past. That means its been 15 years since God has moved in a dramatic revival in America. With that being said, I want to focus on Steve Hill–not to glorify man, but to glorify Jesus. So, we can see Hill as a saint to be imitated. And I think all who speak against Steve Hill and the Brownsville Revival (1995-2000) need to be regarded as carnally minded or demonically influenced. I am persuaded that Steve Hill was a prophet raised up like Elijah in America to do mighty exploits for God. All the prophets who were part of that revival and who subsequently supported Hill’s ministry, I am inclined to believe are part of the “true prophet” category. And those who side with Todd Bentley/Rick Joyner–of the “false prophet” category. This is just part of my personal walk with the Lord.–edit

Steve Hill and His Prophetic Counterparts

1. John Kilpatrick
2. Michael Brown
3. David Ravenhill
4. Nathan Morris
5. David Wilkerson
6. Sid Roth
7. Charisma Magazine
8. Revival Press/Destiny Image

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