The Judgment Seat of Christ – Leonard Ravenhill

“The Judgment Seat of Christ” is Leonard Ravenhill’s most popular sermon on, with a total download of over 72,000. The following are notes on this awesome sermon:

  • The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Mystery, Majesty, Misery
  • Hell: “The Harvest is Passed and We’re Not Saved”
  • Rev. 17, 18, 19
  • Rev. 1:3
  • Rev. 20:11ff
  • The Lake of Fire
  • Other Foundation Can No Man Lay…But Jesus Christ…


  • The Judgment of the Sinners.
  • “The Great Assize” by John Wesley
  • “Payday Sunday” by Billy Sunday
  • Your Day in Court
  • Great preacher held precious stones in pocket.
  • JUDGMENT: The Light of Eternity – cp: In Light of Eternity
  • “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edwards
  • Edwards: ‘Stamp Eternity/Judgment on My Eyeballs’
  • The Miracles of Jesus
  • YOU put water in the water pot–GOD turns it into wine.
  • John 5:28–the Last Resurrection
  • Rev 21
  • That Bachelor in Rome–Pope
  • All types of people in history will all stand at the judgment seat of Christ.
  • Rev. 6:12ff–the wrath of the Lamb
  • Fanny Crosby (blind): “Jesus’ face will be the first face I ever see.”
  • All the great kings and millionaires will stand before Christ.
  • No pictures of Jesus in Ravenhill’s home: no graven image (personally, I disagree).
  • The Book of Revelation shows what Jesus TRULY looks like.
  • “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”
  • Pictures of Jesus: many look so pathetically feminine.
  • “Shake Hands with Jesus” – stupid new song; weak views of Jesus; He’s the JUDGE!
  • “His eyes are living coals of fire.”
  • 60 Minutes – Henry Kissinger; the Shah; John F. Kennedy @ Chappaquiddick; Watergate.
  • Rom. 14
  • All the criminals who ever lived; pornographers; pimps, Vegas at the judgment seat.
  • All the saints will see the unholy dead judged.
  • A. W. Tozer: the things I could have done worry me at the judgment.
  • Caesars and Pontius Pilate, everyone in the Encyclopedia Britannica at the judgment.
  • “the books will be opened”
  • The Books of the Ten Commandments
  • The Books of Memory
  • The unholy dead will remember every evangelistic effort.
  • Memory is eternal; it will never die!
  • If you like lust and drunkenness: will have insatiable unquenchable lust for sin in Hell.
  • “where their worm dieth not”
  • founders of the cults at the judgment: immoral founder of Jehovah’s Witness (Russell)
  • 4 year old child recited Psalm 119.
  • “the wrath of the Lamb”
  • “men shall seek death and shall not find it”
  • “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh”
  • Vile sinners, sexually immoral, one had 30 illegitimate children all over the world.
  • If you repent of your sin and plead for mercy: God can forgive you–because now Jesus is on a Throne of Mercy.
  • But at the judgment, Jesus is on a Throne of Justice.
  • David Wilkerson: 18 preachers went to Richard Nixon, but none got through.
  • Sloppy evangelism bumper stickers: this “God loves you”, “God loves you” stuff.
  • the kindness and SEVERITY of GOD.
  • The Wrath and Judgment of God!
  • 1 Cor. 3–The Judgment of the Believers.
  • What sort it is, not what size it is.
  • “wood, hay, and stubble”–your life’s work
  • FIRE.
  • Sure, God is love.
  • All the saints of all the ages will be there at the judgment of the believers.
  • “When the Saints Go Marching In”–they blasphemously sing it at Bourbon Street.
  • Its for Christians to sing!!
  • Biblical prophets and apostles will be there; we’ll see them all.
  • Grace is free, but rewards are not free (good works).
  • I’d love to see the prayer warriors.
  • to see the missionaries
  • the failures (joke).
  • There’s no condemnation for PAST SINS.
  • Thank God your not a drug addict, prostitute, covetousness, bad temper.
  • A lot of public ministry in that Day that will go down in ashes.
  • “The Book of Remembrance” – in Malachi.
  • Agape, Oral Roberts–corrupt ministries: stealing from widows houses…promising them a place in Heaven!
  • A lot of money is being wrongly invested.
  • One of the most famous preachers called me last night: “I’m convinced God has already taken His hands off of America.”
  • Imagine me (Ravenhill) standing before Christ: am I just a good showman? Or am I a real preacher? What’s my secret prayer life like?
  • Your Devotional Life: the number one thing Christ will judge at the judgment.
  • Entertainment is the devil’s substitute for joy.
  • Science is the world’s substitute for God’s power.
  • “I’m embarrassed to be part of the church of Jesus today, because I believe its an embarrassment to a holy God.”
  • Amy Carmichael–my son Paul Ravenhill has read all her books.
  • We’re overboard on laughter and happiness.
  • Prayer meetings are where the heart of God is.
  • Grief over the backslidden church.
  • “If you’re going to get mature in God, then all the dwarfs around you will sneer at you.”
  • The men who have the most heroic for God have had the greatest devotional life.
  • Praying through the night for a whole years.
  • Charles Wesley’s hymns have been mutilated.
  • “Crown Him With Many Crowns” – Matthew Bridges
  • Would you like Gabriel to take the book of your devotional life and read it to this audience?
  • “silver, gold, precious stones”
  • breastplate of the priests in the holy place (prayer closet)
  • big shot ministers with mailing lists: they don’t worry me; let me see his prayer life, and then I’ll measure him that way.
  • Praying Payson–prayed at the side of his bed; intercession; with energy
  • Praying John Hyde
  • The Ministry of Intercession–the greatest ministry
  • Charles Finney, William Booth, John Wesley–read my record to the multitude
  • David Brainerd: prayed until the snow melted.
  • Indians–adultery, drinking, shouting.
  • “His Plan For Me” – poem
  • “I used to really like cricket and running and art.”
  • “depart from Me”
  • “crown of righteousness”
  • there’ll be great distinctions in Heaven.
  • John Wesley–is going to have a much greater reward than the thief on the cross.
  • “We shall all stand at the judgment seat of Christ.”
  • Dr. P. T. Forsyth–he was his assistant pastor.
  • We ought to live every day with the power of the other world upon us.
  • Queen Elizabeth–when she was a princess; he saw her, she walked with dignity.
  • Send all your kids on the mission field.
  • “we shall not be ashamed at His appearing”

About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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