The Voice of Lamentation and Woe!

Hear my cry, o God!
Its the voice of lamentation and woe!
When all around me is black

When there is no vision, or revelation.
All is black smoke and fog
And I don’t know what to do
To grind with anguish, my bitter soul
Until my grief is fully expressed.

Oh, the aggravation of my soul!
Block all the plans of the devil
Destroy all liars by Your Breath!
Kill them off by plagues and disease
Until they are no more!
Destroy my enemies completely:
Unrepentant, and always bent on malice.

Where do I go, o God!
What should I do now!?
I don’t know!
It pains my soul.
Passionate grief and anguish
I don’t know!
Give me wisdom and revelation:
Practical direction,
That I may prosper in the land
And spread the Gospel of Christ!

I look around me:
I see confusion everywhere.
Sexual immorality,
Destruction of all that is noble.
This world is full of demons
From the lowest to the highest
And only liars are numb to it.
There is no hope for liars

Because they never stop lying
And God will put them in fire.

Lies on TV.
Lies of politicians.
Lies of pastors.
Lies of businessmen.
Lies of teachers.
Only Christ can be trusted.
Only Jesus Christ.

About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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