Bad Evangelism: The #1 Reason Why There is No Revival!

To My Friend,

I’ve been burdened about the conversation we had the other day. We talked about the reason why there is no revival in America. After reading Leonard Ravenhill’s Why Revival Tarries and Norman Grubb’s Rees Howells: Intercessor, you came to the conclusion that praying for revival alone is necessary for revival.

I agreed with your stance on private intercessory praying for revival. That is definitely needed. But I would add to that, there needs to be preaching the Gospel like the great revivalists of old: John Wesley, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Finney. In other words, to preach the Gospel like they did during the Great Awakenings.

I was watching a Ravenhill video tonight. And he confirmed my speculations. In the video called: “Powerful Staggering Interview with Leonard Ravenhill,” he rambles for about 30 minutes on various aspects of true revival. DEFINITELY stressing the need for prayer meetings–particularly group praying about people’s sins. But then, when he is asked:

Question: “What do you believe is the greatest hindrance to genuine revival in the church here in the West?”

Ravenhill’s Answer: “The #1 hindrance to revival in America is evangelism. We’ve made it easy for people to come forward and say a little prayer and go out…”

Then he points to JOHN WESLEY as the guy that really knew how to preach the Gospel.

That’s what I want to do. I want to preach like John Wesley preached the Gospel!

This question-answer thing with Ravenhill is on this video, starting at 34:00:

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