Dream: Josh McDowell’s “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” – Necessary for Revival in America and Europe

I realize now that the main reason why atheism is dominant in this country and in Europe is because of the “Quest for the Historical Jesus” movement among scholars. This actually predated Charles Darwin in the person of deist Hermann Reimarus, who published Wolfenbütteler Fragmente (1774–1778), which caused people to “mythologize” Jesus and doubt the historicity of the Bible. In my examination of Christian-Atheist debates, it seems that 38/42 common atheist objections are based on Higher Biblical Criticism—and 4/42 atheist objections are based on so-called evidence for Atheistic Evolution, which began with Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (1859).
   Now, it seems to me that if I were to focus all of my studies upon refuting evolution, in order to convert atheists—I would be “barking up the wrong tree.” The foundation for all of this kind of thinking is Higher Biblical Criticism. If you attack the foundation of an atheist’s belief system, then his evolutionary justifications will seem useless. However, it might become necessary to debunk atheistic evolution as well. But it seems, that out of the 38/42 atheist objections to Christianity—is coming a general illiteracy of the Bible, a lack of knowledge of Christian theology, and a need for solid Biblical answers to atheist objections. If atheists really believed and knew the Bible, then they would not have so many objections to Christianity. This is why, if I am going to have any success at preaching the Gospel (which is a Biblical revelation), at college campuses, then I first have to undermine the “demythological” reasonings of Higher Biblical Criticism—and this will be easy to do if I memorize Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict.

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