Praying in Tongues: The Power of God and Gifts of the Spirit Increased!

I’ve been doing some studies recently on how to increase the POWER OF GOD in a Christian’s life. FASTING AND PRAYER plays a huge role, as Franklin Hall’s Atomic Power with God clearly shows. But on the other hand, so does the practice of PRAYING IN TONGUES. I don’t fully understand the mystery of praying in tongues quite yet–or why there would be a direct link between praying in tongues and increasing the power of God. But if this is so, then I want to learn it all the more. Here is a bibliography of Charismatic books on the power of praying in tongues. I advise against reading Morton Kelsey’s Tongue Speaking (1968), which has a “psychic” New Age spin on it. The following books are only orthodox Charismatic books.

After researching a bit on this bibliography, I want to point special attention to Larry Christenson, who also in 1968, released his book called Speaking in Tongues (renamed below). It had a profound impact on the Charismatic Renewal in the Lutheran church as well as in other circles.

“Speaking in tongues” can come in different forms. (1) It can come as an ecstatic prophetic utterance that needs to be interpreted. (2) It can come as a foreign earthly language unknown to the speaker. (3) It can come as a form of ecstatic prayer–used for building up the spirit man, and increases the supernatural, prophetic, and miraculous power in the life of the believer. It is this third use of tongues that I am interested in learning more about. Healers and prophets are more qualified to teach on such topics. This is why I want to point special attention to Mahesh Chavda, Kenneth Hagin, Bill Hamon, Charles and Frances Hunter, and Don Nori. All of these people have moved in either the prophetic or healing ministries. But Chavda, Hagin, and the Hunters more so in healing–also Gordon Lindsay. But because healing is usually of a higher order than the prophetic, because it depends on the prophetic for its functioning, I’m inclined to believe that healers should have even greater insight into the mystery of praying in tongues. For this reason, I want to lay an extra special emphasis on the names of Mahesh Chavda, Charles and Frances Hunter, Kenneth Hagin, and Gordon Lindsay.

But let’s narrow it down even further! Chavda is a powerful healer, but his tongues book is only 176 pages–the standard length of tongues books. Gordon Lindsay was involved in the 1950s Healing Revival–but his tongues booklet is no more than 35 pages. This leaves us with the healers Kenneth Hagin and Charles and Frances Hunter. Both Hagin and the Hunters believed in Word of Faith teachings, which I don’t agree with on all points. But they were also both highly prophetic and highly gifted in the area of healing. Also, Hagin’s book on tongues is the longest I’ve found–a total of 353 PAGES!!! That’s a lot of revelation on the topic of tongues! Twice as much as most books on the subject usually have. Then you have the Hunters–who were more renowned than Hagin for being involved in the healing ministry. Their book on tongues is a total of 292 pages! Equally impressive!

So, if I were to recommend two main books to start with on the topic of tongues, I would have to point you to…

(1) Charles and Frances Hunter’s Why Should “I” Speak in Tongues? (1976)
(2) Kenneth Hagin’s Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room (2007)

And also, Mahesh Chavda and Gordon Lindsay’s books, and all of the others in bold text.


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