How to Resist Prophetic Pride

When we receive accurate prophetic revelations, and they have been confirmed by others, then it can puff up our heads with “prophetic pride” (1 Cor. 8:1). Even if you don’t want the pride of your prophetic accuracy to be puffing you up–it’s still there. You can literally feel it puffing up your head like a hot air balloon. So, how do you get rid of this “prophetic pride?” You have to humble yourself before the Lord. Yes, but how? HOW do you humble yourself? It’s really easy. Just say a prayer of thanks to God for giving you the gifts of revelation, prophecy, and words of knowledge. Paul calls these things “spiritual gifts” (1 Cor. 12:1).

On Christmas or your birthday it is customary for people to give you gifts. You know how improper it would be not to thank somebody for giving you a gift!? (That is, someone sincerely giving you a gift with no strings attached–and no ulterior motives. Just a plain ole sincere gift from the heart.) To not thank a gift-giver would be unheard-of and very rude. It’s the same with God. When the Holy Spirit gives us accurate words of knowledge, dreams, and visions–God expects us to THANK Him for these gifts.

You and I both know how precious it is to receive the word of the Lord. The least we can do is show God a little respect and thank Him whenever He gives us a surefire revelation. The prayer of thanksgiving is the only remedy that I know will cast out the spirit of prophetic pride. So, thank God whenever you receive an accurate word of prophecy or word of knowledge–especially when you see the word fulfilled, and especially if it is in front of other people. You must thank God for these gifts and praise Him–in order to avoid prophetic pride.

Mike Bickle said: “We contend for the fullness of the prophetic anointing by cultivating a spirit of gratefulness and faithfulness for all that the Lord has already released to us, no matter how small it may seem…We must contend for more because we see what we lack, yet we must give thanks for what we do have, no matter how little or insignificant it may feel. As we are faithful in the little, God will release more and more of the prophetic anointing on our lives (Luke 19:17)” (Growing in the Prophetic, p. 97).

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