Biblical Economics 83: My First Week of Day Trading, Scalping 1


I am not a registered investment advisor with the SEC. Nothing in this video, should be taken as legally binding investment advice, in the same way that SEC licensed stockbrokers can advise their clients. I am not “selling” any stocks or OTC penny stocks as a broker in this video. The purpose of this video, is only to offer guidance to those who are interested in educating themselves, about self-directed investing and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

The green candlestick circled in red is the profit-making opportunity with the “scalping” strategy. From what I’ve been able to observe, the “buy” signal here is when you see a green candlestick “pump” up two to three times really quick (without hesitating).

Luke 19:16: “Master, I invested your money and made ten times the original amount!” With that in mind I will be studying this…

UPDATE: 5/23/23 –

When trading the open (9:30am – 10am), be ready to buy low and sell high about 6 to 7 times on the same low-priced stock. Sit by your computer; and try to sell your shares before a red nosedive in price occurs. Stack up your profits one by one in small increments as the stock climbs up the green steps. I made a 10% profit today doing this at the open and a 2.5% profit at the close (3:30pm to 4:00pm): for the stock AMTX. My Schwab broker told me over the phone, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If its working, then continue using what works. I plan to do a total of 30 successful trades with $100 each before I start increasing my trading amounts to $1,000 and up. I’m journaling my progress.

UPDATE: 5/22/23 –


1. Price Change –> %Chg (Top 5).

2. Finviz Screener –> click Change 2 times (Top 5).

3. Compare the stocks on the Barchart “Compare Stocks” View Comparison Chart (1D) and (5D). Pick the top two best performers in the past 5 days or past 1 day. Compare the top two performers and then select the winner. Its best to do this after 4pm before trading in the morning at 9am.

4. If the stocks aren’t on, then look over their company website to see if there’s anything that runs against Christian values, like LGBT promotion, abortion drugs, or vice industry.

5. Make sure the stock’s price is as low as possible. If its a 25 cent penny stock, that’s ideal. Don’t buy stocks over $5 a share–not for this type of a trade. You want to get hundreds if not thousands of shares for a trade like this.

6. UPTREND LINE: make sure the Google chart of the stock indicates a gradual and steadily increasing price, not an unpredictable price spike. A gradually increasing price over the past 1-day and past 5-day periods indicates a strong level of predictability for the next trading day (at least for the next trading morning). But a price spike, no matter how big it is, is completely unpredictable and basically means you can’t make a logical and probable bet on it.


Above is a picture of a good stock to bet on in the morning. If you can draw two parallel lines, upward and ascending diagonally to the right, then that’s what traders call an uptrend line. This is a POSITIVE BUY SIGNAL for trading the open at 9:30am tomorrow. However, don’t give into the temptation to trade stocks with sporadic, random, plateaus, unpredictable price spikes, and other weird patterns that make it impossible to place a good bet! Don’t give into those traps!

7. Trailing Stop. Always put a trailing stop of .02 pts on every order you place when buying shares. This will minimize your risk of losing money when the price moves red.

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