Biblical Economics 71: Puritans and the Stock Market


I am not a registered investment advisor with the SEC. Nothing in this video, should be taken as legally binding investment advice, in the same way that SEC licensed stockbrokers can advise their clients. I am not “selling” any stocks or OTC penny stocks as a broker in this video. The purpose of this video, is only to offer guidance to those who are interested in educating themselves, about self-directed investing and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

25:33 – This is when I actually start talking about the Puritan view of the stock market. Before this, I explain at length why I have a high regard for the Puritans as a source of theology.

The biggest blue chip stock during Puritan times was the East India Company. It performed similarly to Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT). For an in-depth study of this stock, see K. N. Chaudhuri’s The English East India Company: The Study of an Early Joint-Stock Company 1600-1640 (Frank Cass & Co, 1965).
“Halley’s Diving Bell,” which was invented in 1691, was used by salvage companies, in an attempt to recover lost treasure from shipwrecks. Many middle class Puritan tradesmen invested in stocks like this. They were more affordable than buying expensive stock shares in something like the East India Company. This low-priced, fast-growth Halley’s stock, is similar to modern top gainers on NASDAQ around $5 a share: you can screen for these on or based on their 5-day percent changes. News about these kinds of stocks are mentioned in Inc or Fast Company magazines. Unfortunately, after a long rally, the Halley’s stock bubble eventually popped, and its price began to fall, because most salvage companies were unable to find gold.
A painting of Exchange Alley with Garraway’s Coffee House on the corner. By Walter Thornbury in 1878 just before Garraway’s was demolished.

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