Biblical Economics 44: Screening for Growth Stocks 1

I personally believe that Broadwind (BWEN) might actually be the best growth stock. I’ll know by the end of this week probably after I make my deposit. According to the past 5 days, it has soared above my other stock picks (including Madrigal), because it is still in the initial phase of growth. BWEN doubles your money every 5 days from the looks of it.

Look at how BWEN jumps leaps and bounds over the S&P 500 Index:

After completing ch. 10 from Charles Schwab’s How to Be Your Own Stockbroker, and after seeing him basically admit that he hadn’t figured out how to make a fortune with growth stocks (although he believed they were still the best way if any), and although he rejects all bonds which I agree with, he still settles like so many others, on just buying some mutual funds. This made me look up an article on “growth investing,” which is the collection of strategies for screening and investing in growth stocks. Cornelius Bond’s T. Rowe Price, Philip Fisher’s Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits (1958), and Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street, all surfaced as authoritative teachings on investing in growth stocks. But the one by Fisher really jumped out at me the most. Warren Buffett is just as much influenced by Fisher as by Benjamin Graham. –1/15/23

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