Biblical Economics 12: Investing 101


I am not a registered investment advisor with the SEC. Nothing in this video, should be taken as legally binding investment advice, in the same way that SEC licensed stockbrokers can advise their clients. I am not “selling” any stocks or OTC penny stocks as a broker in this video. The purpose of chapter 5, is only to offer guidance to those who are interested in educating themselves, about self-directed investing and Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

UPDATE: 12:00 – It is possible that Jesus was a “jack of all trades” when it came to building homes. There seems to be some controversy over whether he was more of a stonemason than a woodworker and vice versa, mainly based on evidence from the church fathers and archaeological findings of houses around Capernaum (see John Schneider, Godly Materialism, p. 201).

UPDATE: 33:22 – John Wesley’s Thoughts on the Present Scarcity of Provisions (1773) and A Serious Address to the People of England, with Regard to the State of the Nation (1778). Wesley was influenced by Rev. Josiah Tucker in this sense. He referred to him as the Dean of Gloucester. A good overview of Tucker’s economic philosophy would be George Shelton’s Dean Tucker and Eighteenth-Century Economic and Political Thought (1981). Along with those whom have analyzed the Great Depression and the 2008 recession, Wesley viewed the depressions of his times to be mainly caused by the housing market. Landlords desired to indulge in expensive living; and raised the rents so high that most people couldn’t handle it; massive unemployment resulted; and prices for all kinds of things inflated to extortionate levels, to make up for the high rents.

UPDATE: 39:45 – Overview of the contents of Michele Cagan’s Investing 101.

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