Physical Manifestations (Bibliography)

  1. Guy Chevreau’s Catch the Fire
  2. Rodney Howard-Browne’s Flowing in the Holy Spirit
  3. John Arnott’s The Father’s Blessing – I disagree with animal sounds chapter
  4. Francis MacNutt’s Overcome by the Spirit
  5. Wesley Campbell’s Welcoming a Visitation of the Holy Spirit
  6. Sam Storms’ Signs of the Spirit: An Interpretation of Jonathan Edwards’s “Religious Affections”
  7. Hank Hanegraaff’s Counterfeit Revival, part 4 – disagree with some conclusions there
  8. Jack Deere, Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, p. 91 – Other physical manifestations, besides speaking in tongues, can come from the presence of the Holy Spirit, such as trembling (Ps. 119:120; Jer. 5:22; Isa. 66:2; Ezra 9:4), weeping (Neh. 8:9), and apparent drunkenness or even falling down, caused by an ecstasy (1 Sam. 1:12-17; Acts 2:15; 22:17-18).
  9. Jonathan Edwards’ Distinguishing Marks, p. 9, refers to Php 2:12: “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”
  10. Maria Woodworth-Etter’s A Diary of Signs and Wonders
  11. John Wimber, Power Healing, p. 215

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