Slavery: The Great Sin of the New England Puritans

Slavery: the great sin of the New England Puritans, and even Great Awakening preachers Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield! Totally contradicts the book of Exodus. It’s one thing if the government is forcing the institution of slavery, like the Romans did. It’s quite another for Christians, 1600 years after Jesus, to create the whole thing all over again. Ephesians 6:5 says that Christian slaves should respect their masters. This doesn’t mean the institution of slavery was “okay” with Paul. It’s a government issue, a political issue. Remember Moses had to take on the Egyptian GOVERNMENT to free the slaves. Paul’s objective wasn’t to be a social activist, but an evangelist. Wesley, commenting on Ephesians 6:5, reminds the English people, that after their time is up, the slaves are to be freed! See page 318 in William Wilberforce’s “Letter on the Abolition of the Slave Trade,” where he stated that it is not loving to one’s neighbor, and it is not showing respect to the interracial body of Christ, and it definitely does not honor the 7 year Jubilee to keep people in a continual state of slavery. The New England colonists should have seen this, despite Paul’s comments about the Roman slaves in the New Testament. What blackness, and darkness, and blindness, and shadows, and sin! What ignorance! Grief and insensitivity to the Holy Spirit!

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