Kinds of Prayer in the New Testament

Taken from every New Testament occasion of the word “prayer” in the KJV.


17:21 – deliverance prayer with fasting (cp. Mark 9:29)

21:13 – prayer at church (cp. Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46)

21:22 – petition

23:14 – against Pharisaical, pretentious long prayers


1:13 – prayer against infertility

6:12 – all night prayer vigil

22:45 – prayer for strength in Gethsemane


1:14 – group supplication (asking earnestly for the baptism in the Holy Spirit)

3:1 – going to church for the daily hour of prayer

6:4 – habitual pastoral prayer and Bible preaching

10:31 – angelic answer to private prayer

12:5 – group church prayer for Peter in prison

16:13 – women’s prayer meeting by the river

16:16 – walking to the synagogue for the hour of prayer


10:1 – prayer for Israel to be saved and become Christian

12:12 – continuing and persevering in the practice of prayer


7:5 – abstaining from marital sex and food for a time of prayer


1:11 – group church prayer for missionaries

9:14 – praying for other Christians


6:18 – praying in the Spirit (tongues) for all Christians


1:4 – joyfully praying for other Christians

1:19 – prayer for protection for a missionary

4:6 – ask God and thank God


4:2 – thank God and continue in the practice of prayer


4:5 – all food is sanctified for eating by Scripture and prayer


5:15-16 – the fervent prayer of a righteous man for healing


4:7 – keep up the discipline of prayer

About Wesley Gospel is in the spirit of John Wesley; and the spirit of the Reformation when it discovered the printing press. The truth of God will not be suppressed!
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