Based on Revelation 19:1-6.


                  1p   Em        1p  Em
I heard a roar of      Alleluia
———-1p         Em            1p       Em
He hath judged the great prostitute
—————1p           Em     1p  Em
Smoke goes up from her,  Alleluia
———1p       Em            1p                      Em
Never seen again, the woman of  ill repute

CHORUS x8 (with a harmony)

4p   Em / 4p 5p Em


               1p   Em          1p  Em
Ye that fear Him,      Alleluia
—–1p                   Em   1p    Em
The Lord omnipotent reigneth
———-1p        Em       1p  Em
Mighty thund’rings,  Alleluia
——1p                        Em           1p   Em
The worship of our God maintaineth

CHORUS x16 (with a harmony)

About Wesley Gospel is in the spirit of John Wesley; and the spirit of the Reformation when it discovered the printing press. The truth of God will not be suppressed!
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