Tell Me Why – John and Rebekah Boruff

Cover of “Tell Me Why” by Steeleye Span.

Verse 1

F                                           D
What is deeper than the sea?

G            A                       C     
What is higher than a tree?
F                                      D
What is louder than a horn?
G            A                           C
What is sharper than a thorn?

F                                          D
What is whiter than the light?
G             A                          C
What is darker than the night?
F                                        D
And what is colder than the clay?
G             A                            C
What is broader than the way?


D           A#
Tell me why

So many questions
D           A#
Tell me why
The devil lies
D            A#
Tell me why
F                 D                           G
What will live or what will die?
D            A#
Tell me why
So many questions
D           A#
Tell me why
The devil lies
D            A#
Tell me why
F                  D                     G
What way leads to paradise?
D            A#       D          A#
Tell me why // Live or die (2nd time around)
D            A#
Tell me why

Verse 2

F                                       D
Hell is deeper than the sea

G                A                      C
Heaven is higher than a tree

F                                          D
And thunder is louder than a horn

G                A                         C
Hunger is sharper than a thorn

F                                          D
Truth is whiter than the light

G           A                          C
The devil is darker than the night

F                                         D
And death is colder than the clay

G           A                             C
Love is broader than the way


About John Boruff

John Boruff is the founder of, a husband, father, and sometimes an open air preacher. He graduated from UNC Pembroke in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and views himself as a Baptistic Pentecostal. As a Christian, he feels connected with all members of the body of Christ, but can identify the most with churches like the Assemblies of God and the Vineyard. In 2015, he released "The Gospel of Jesus Christ," which is meant to be a Bible study for open air preaching. For his other writings, search articles on this site or see the E-Books section.
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