Tell Me Why

Cover of “Tell Me Why” by Steeleye Span.

Verse 1

F                                           D
What is deeper than the sea?

G            A                       C     
What is higher than a tree?
F                                      D
What is louder than a horn?
G            A                           C
What is sharper than a thorn?

F                                          D
What is whiter than the light?
G             A                          C
What is darker than the night?
F                                        D
And what is colder than the clay?
G             A                            C
What is broader than the way?


D           A#
Tell me why

So many questions
D           A#
Tell me why
The devil lies
D            A#
Tell me why
F                 D                           G
What will live or what will die?
D            A#
Tell me why
So many questions
D           A#
Tell me why
The devil lies
D            A#
Tell me why
F                  D                     G
What way leads to paradise?
D            A#       D          A#
Tell me why // Live or die (2nd time around)
D            A#
Tell me why

Verse 2

F                                       D
Hell is deeper than the sea

G                A                      C
Heaven is higher than a tree

F                                          D
And thunder is louder than a horn

G                A                         C
Hunger is sharper than a thorn

F                                          D
Truth is whiter than the light

G           A                          C
The devil is darker than the night

F                                         D
And death is colder than the clay

G           A                             C
Love is broader than the way

About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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