Dream of Wesley Casting Fairies Out of the Church!

John Wesley (d. 1791)I dreamed that John Wesley was in a small church leading a children’s choir practice. It was interrupted by “fairy bells” in the back of the church, and everyone could hear it. It was assumed that the fairies were demons, but they went on referring to them as fairies. Wesley had long black hair and was dressed in a large black scholar’s gown from the medieval times. He stepped down from the choir, and walked around the church saying, “Devil, I cast you out of this church in Jesus’ name!” He eventually made his way to the back of the church, where the fairy bells were coming from; and when he did, a very black shadow appeared out of the corner and two or three small demons made of shadow appeared, and they had glowing yellow eyes. Wesley commanded them to leave in Jesus’ name and so they did.


To me this dream simply means that fairies are real and that they are demons. Also, it means that demons can be cast out in Jesus’ name. It shows that the discerning of spirits involved hearing or seeing demons (identifying them), and then casting them out (exorcism). The fairy bells are something that makes the devil look harmless and fun:

Under the light of the silver moon
     Hear those fairy bells,
Merrily tinkling a tiny tune
     Hear the fairy bells;
Fairies come on swiftest wing,
Join the chorus, gaily sing,
When you hear the merry ring
     Of the fairy bells.
          “Folly in Fairyland,” p. 148

I also felt that this dream was a rebuke to people who put up with Harry Potter movies in the church or in the Christian home. Something about the way Wesley was dressed made me think about Severus Snape from these movies. (By the way, I had to look him up, due to my not watching these movies, but just seeing ads.) I also felt the dream was set in England. The church was also very old fashioned and medieval looking. May God drive the witches out of England and send Holy Ghost revival! This seems to be the gist of the dream.

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