I Fail, You Save


Em            C
I prove to You
G             B
That I–that I fail
Em                   C
You prove to me
G                        G
That You–that You save

Em             C           G
It’s clear I cannot be
The perfect man
Em          C
Even if I try

   G                  G
I will fail the test

Em                         C        G              B
Your grace must intervene, or I fail
Em                         C           G           G
You must set me free, or I–or I fail
Em                   C           G          B
The power of Jesus–will prevail
Em                     C          G               G
Come into my life, O Lord–or I fail


Em                                         C
We all want to be the best
Em                                             G
We all need to feel accepted
Em                                                       C
But we can’t put our trust in man
Em                                           G
But only in the Son of Man

About Wesley Gospel

WesleyGospel.com is in the spirit of John Wesley; and the spirit of the Reformation when it discovered the printing press. The truth of God will not be suppressed!
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