Calvin’s TULIP Plucked Apart: The Case for Biblical Arminianism (Bibliography)

I just had a dream that Paul Washer (Calvinist) and me (Arminian) were talking about theology and were trying to organize a friendly debate about Calvinism and Arminianism, but we couldn’t find a venue to do it. The dream had several other details in it, which are not really necessary to mention, but it led me to believe that God wants me to focus on putting together an anti-TULIP and pro-Arminian book. As I do this though, to avoid intellectual pride, and all the while to consider Paul Washer as a dear brother in Christ. It may very well mean that God wants me to handle certain Calvinistic parts of Paul’s books carefully and graciously, and then point readers in the Arminian direction…

Arminian Books

David Anderson’s Conditional Security ( (holiness)

Robert Shank’s Life in the Son (Church of Christ)

—. Elect in the Son

Dan Corner’s The Believer’s Conditional Security (holiness)

—. The Myth of Eternal Security (holiness)

Thomas Oden’s The Transforming Power of Grace (conservative evangelical UMC)

Randloph Foster’s Objections to Calvinism As It Is ( (MEC)

John Fletcher’s “Bible-Arminianism and Bible-Calvinism” (Anglican, Methodist)

“Wesleyan Arminianism” and “Reformed Arminianism” in Four Views on Eternal Sec.

John Wesley’s Calvinism Calmly Considered (2 vols.) ( (Anglican)

Roger Olson’s Arminian Theology – Open Bible Churches (Pentecostal)

—. Against Calvinism – Open Bible Churches (Pentecostal)

Jerry Walls’ Why I Am Not a Calvinist – UMC

Calvinist Books; or Pro-TULIP Books to Handle Calmly and Graciously

Michael Horton’s For Calvinism – United Reformed Churches

Robert Peterson’s Why I Am Not an Arminian – PCA

John Girardeau‘s Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism – PCUS (pre-PCA)

“Classical Calvinism” and “Moderate Calvinism” in Four Views on Eternal Security

Paul Washer’s The Gospel’s Power and Message – SBC – I’m sure Paul’s books are very godly and I would agree with a whole lot of what he says. But since he’s probably the most popular Calvinist in the Millennial generation right now, I’m going to focus on his books for any TULIP-like statements, and handle them kindly, calmly, and Arminianly. This is what the dream I had suggested I should do. There is nothing in the Table of Contents of these books that suggests anything blatantly Calvinistic. His focus is more on lordship and holiness. Paul and I would have a common agreement on lordship salvation, openness to the supernatural, and agreement against modern day antinomianism (easy-believism).

—. The Gospel Call and True Conversion

—. Gospel Assurance and Warnings

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