Counterfeit Spirituality – David Wilkerson

Based on some of the arguments against Christian rock, metal, and punk in Set The Trumpet to Thy Mouth, ch. 4: “The Music of Devils in God’s House.”

He argues the following reasons against Christian rock, which borrows these bad influences from secular, non-Christian rock:

1. Playing in bars and clubs with drunkards, cussers, and fornicators.

2. 3rd rate rock musicians just using the name of Jesus to sell in CCM.

3. Being a “rock star” is idolatry.

4. Rock ‘n Roll dancing at concerts is carnal and sexually immoral.

5. Addiction to Christian rock.

6. Vanity (self-centeredness) – weird punk hairstyles, etc.

7. Non-judgmentalism / cheap grace / easy-believism / antinomianism.

8. Hypocrisy / lying / absence of holiness in Christian rock musicians.

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