What Happens to a Country When It Allows False Prophets to Dominate the Church

If the church existed in a constant state of evangelical revival, the world would be a better place; and it would be a different place. There would be many pastors preaching against the doldrums of religious formality and false religions. They would boldly preach against sin, warn sinners about God’s judgment on sin in Hell, and church members would not be on the borders of skepticism and unbelief, but would rather be hungry and eager to do evangelistic exploits and teach the younger members how to be holy and experience the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit. But sadly this is not the state of the churches in our time.

False prophets are dominating the Christian sphere right now; and they have been for about 70 years. Ever since Smith Wigglesworth died in 1947, there has been no popular attention given to anyone with that type of spiritual caliber. When a country gives place to false prophets, this is what happens:

1. Christianity becomes redefined and misunderstood as a fake exterior shell of meaningless sentimental dribble.

2. People have a distorted view of Jesus: He comes to be seen as a biker gang member, or a hippie, a stoner, or some kind of freak, a playboy that accepts sinners the way they are, in the condition they are in, and offers no help for them to be freed from their sinful addictions and ways. This different Jesus (2 Corinthians 11:4), comes to be seen as a druggie (“God created cannabis, God made pot”); people like Bob Marley are looked upon as prophets of God because they smoked pot and had some religious views about Jesus. 

3. The Bible is forgotten, neglected, argued with, and disrespected. It is no longer seen to be the inspired words of Almighty God. It is looked upon as a religious text that has a lot of rules and stories of miracles, many of which people have no way of relating to, because they are so cut off from the life and power of the Holy Spirit.

4. Materialism, greed, and covetousness increase. Without the power of the Bible and the Holy Spirit bringing correction and holiness into people’s lives, it is only natural for the spiritual to be slammed down and for the natural to be exalted to its most extreme forms. People will turn to million dollar mansions, half million dollar cars, and other luxuries to medicate a miserable feeling inside that only the presence of God can. The misery, however, continues infinitely, and also leads to discord, all kinds of evil, massive debts, and tax evasion (1 Timothy 6:10). False prophets preaching a “prosperity gospel” will rise (it changes forms over the years): and people will happily support this kind of preaching (2 Peter 2:15).

5. Religious pluralism, universalism, and inclusivism increase. Again, this is because the Bible is disregarded. This happened for hundreds of years in Israel when the Bible was forgotten (see 1 and 2 Kings). Even though the first of the ten commandments is, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3), politically correct people always have a way of crafting a religious philosophy that evades God’s commandments in the Bible, and demons of idolatry and confusion take control over their minds, and they go on believing the most demonic, godless things that grieve God. 

6. People are criticized as “close-minded” if they hold to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which confidently proclaims that salvation from an eternity in Hell-fire is only possible through turning away from what the Bible calls sin, and placing one’s faith in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross (John 14:6), His blood being shed for the forgiveness of sins, His punishment for our sins, the sinless Son of God in our place, taking the eternal wrath of God that we deserve to experience in Hell and shouldering it by Himself on the cross. It is this message that the world utterly rejects. They call it foolish (1 Corinthians 1:18). They call it close-minded. They call it bigoted and all kinds of other names. A message of forgiveness! Bigoted! Hateful? Close-minded? A message of forgiveness from God’s anger at sins that you would readily admit when questioned? O man! Who do you think you are, to rant and to rave, against such a loving and holy God! If this is you, admit that you have been a fool, a great fool! Turn to God. Love Him back. Push away His anger. Cling to the cross of Jesus. He wants you to. Open His Word–the Bible–and find eternal, prophetic wisdom for your whole life!

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