David Wilkerson Hinted That Todd Bentley Was Led by the Devil

David WilkersonTaken from “A Fresh Outpouring of the Holy Spirit” – September 15, 2008 – Right after Todd Bentley’s Lakeland Revival ended.

There are three words many Christians do not speak of anymore: signs, wonders, and miracles.

For an entire generation of believers, these three words conjure up memories of many abuses in the church. At a time when so many were looking for genuine works of God, “with signs following,” charlatans were staging fake “holy works.” So-called healing evangelists made a circus of it all — covetous men and women who offered “healings” for a price.

Now whenever many of us hear these three words, there rises up in us uneasy feelings: a fear of fanaticism, embarrassment over the mockeries, painful memories of dear brothers and sisters whose faith ended on the ash heap because of all the fakery. Tragically, many in Christ’s church do not expect God to perform miracles anymore.

Todd Bentley (2013)

Yet, please hear what I am about to say. The devil knows the Scriptures, and he knows that a genuine, Holy Spirit-inspired revival of healing is prophesied. This is why he is even now promoting his own perverted “healing” meetings. In his meetings, Christ is not the center but rather the exalting of angels or an individual.

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