Reprogramming the Mind for Healing-Faith: 100 Teachings on Divine Healing

  1. Smith Wigglesworth: The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings
  2. Stanley Frodsham’s Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle of Faith
  3. James Robinson’s Divine Healing: The Formative Years: 1830-1890
  4. —. Divine Healing: The Holiness-Pentecostal Transition Years: 1890-1906
  5. —. Divine Healing: The Years of Expansion: 1906-1930
  6. Nancy Hardesty’s Faith Cure (history of healing in holiness and Pentecostal churches)
  7. Heather Curtis’ Faith in the Great Physician (history of healing, 1860-1900)
  8. Kathryn Kuhlman’s I Believe In Miracles
  9. —. Nothing Is Impossible With God
  10. —. God Can Do It Again
  11. John Wimber’s Power Healing (1987) – on page 284, from chapter 9, the practical part 3 section, Wimber said the following books were the best he read that actually attempted to teach or equip Christians to heal people: “Francis MacNutt’s Healing (1974) and The Power to Heal (1977); Michael Scanlan’s Inner Healing (1974) and Deliverance from Evil Spirits (1980); and Rita Bennett’s How to Pray for Inner Healing for Yourself and Others (1984).
  12. —. Healing Seminar (DVDs)
  13. —. Signs and Wonders Seminar (DVDs)
  14. Alexander Venter’s Doing Healing
  15. A. J. Gordon’s The Ministry of Healing
  16. A. B. Simpson’s The Gospel of Healing
  17. Andrew Murray’s Divine Healing
  18. Randy Clark’s Power to Heal
  19. —. The Healing Breakthrough
  20. —. The Essential Guide to Healing
  21. —. The Biblical Guidebook to Deliverance
  22. —. Ministry Team Training Manual
  23. —. Healing Unplugged
  24. —. Finding Victory When Healing Doesn’t Happen
  25. —. Biblical Basis for Healing
  26. —. Healing Energy: Whose Energy Is It?
  27. —. Learning to Minister Under the Anointing
  28. —. The Healing River
  29. —. Authority to Heal
  30. Cecil Murphey’s I Believe In Healing
  31. Francis MacNutt’s Healing
  32. —. Deliverance from Evil Spirits
  33. —. The Healing Reawakening (history)
  34. —. The Practice of Healing Prayer
  35. —. The Power to Heal
  36. —. The Prayer That Heals
  37. —. Overcome by the Spirit
  38. —. Can Homosexuality Be Healed?
  39. Bill Johnson’s When Heaven Invades Earth
  40. The Life of the Holy Hildegard, Third Book
  41. George Fox’s Book of Miracles
  42. The Supernatural Occurrences of John Wesley, ch 3
  43. David Edwin Harrell’s Oral Roberts: An American Life
  44. —. All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals
  45. Oral Roberts’ Expect A Miracle: My Life and Ministry
  46. —. Best Loved Tent Sermons
  47. —. Favorite Healing Scriptures
  48. —. If You Need Healing Do These Things
  49. T. L. Osborn’s Healing the Sick
  50. —. One Hundred Divine Healing Facts
  51. —. Biblical Healing
  52. —. Receive Miracle Healing
  53. —. Miracles: Proof of God’s Love
  54. —. Why? Tragedy, Trauma, Triumph
  55. —. In His Name
  56. —. Modern Miracles in Mombasa
  57. Mary Garnett’s Take Your Glory Lord: The Life Story of William Duma
  58. Mahesh Chavda’s The Hidden Power of Healing Prayer
  59. —. The Hidden Power of the Believer’s Touch
  60. Ralph DiOrio’s The Man Beneath the Gift
  61. —. Called to Heal
  62. —. A Miracle to Proclaim
  63. —. Signs and Wonders
  64. Gordon Lindsay’s How You Can Be Healed
  65. Robby Dawkins’ Do What Jesus Did
  66. James Cross’ Healing in the Church (CoG)
  67. R. Kelso Carter’s Pastor Blumhardt
  68. —. Divine Healing
  69. —. Faith Healing Reviewed After Twenty Years
  70. —. The Atonement for Sin and Sickness
  71. Dorothea Trudel’s The Prayer of Faith
  72. Ethan Allen’s Faith Healing
  73. William Boardman’s Faith Work
  74. —. The Great Physician
  75. —. The Lord That Healeth Thee
  76. Morton Kelsey’s Healing and Christianity (warning: some of his books are New Age)
  77. Evelyn Frost’s Christian Healing (China Inland Mission)
  78. Henry Frost’s Miraculous Healing (China Inland Mission)
  79. Frank Darling’s Biblical Healing
  80. —. Christian Healing in the Middle Ages and Beyond
  81. Gabriele Amorth’s An Exorcist Tells His Story
  82. —. An Exorcist: More Stories
  83. Amanda Porterfield’s Healing in the History of Christianity
  84. Carrie Judd’s The Prayer of Faith
  85. A. H. Hussey’s Divine Healing in Mission Work
  86. Samuel Gracey’s Healing by Faith (Wesleyan)
  87. Mary Gainsforth’s Divine Healing Secrets
  88. W. H. Daniels’ Dr. Cullis and His Work
  89. Charles Cullis’ Faith Cures
  90. —. Faith Healing
  91. —. More Faith Cures
  92. —. Other Faith Cures
  93. Ralph Harris’ Acts Today, section 1 (AG)
  94. Mrs M. Elizabeth Baxter’s Divine Healing
  95. Paul King’s Genuine Gold (note: I disagree with CMA’s “seek not, forbid not” position)
  96. —. Nuggets of Genuine Gold
  97. Lilian B. Yeomans’ Healing From Heaven (AG – 1935)
  98. —. Balm of Gilead
  99. —. Health and Healing
  100. —. His Healing Power (4-in-1)

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