I’m a Traditional Pentecostal, Not a Cheap Grace Charismatic

I’ve reached a point in my walk of faith that I’m much more comfortable viewing myself as a traditional Pentecostal than as a Charismatic Christian. Traditionally, Pentecostals accept holiness and morals, whereas Charismatics tend to be antinomian, cheap grace-oriented, and “love gospel” seeker-sensitives. 

To narrow it down further, because it needs narrowing, I’m more comfortable identifying with the following types of Pentecostalism:

1. William J. Seymour / Azusa Street Revival

2. Smith Wigglesworth / Healing Ministry

3. Jack Coe / Healing Ministry

To abide in this kind of spirituality, I would like to drink the following books down my spiritual gullet:

1. Donald Gee’s Concerning Spiritual Gifts

2. Smith Wigglesworth’s Ever-Increasing Faith

3. Stanley Frodsham’s Smith Wigglesworth

4. Larry Martin’s The Complete Azusa Street Library

5. P. C. Nelson’s Bible Doctrines

I believe the Assemblies of God has generally apostatized from this kind of Pentecostalism. So I don’t mean I’m an “Assemblies of God man” or some adherent of a Pentecostal denomination. I think Assemblies of God has the best Pentecostal theology, but I don’t plan on ever joining the denomination, because I know it is led by Pharisees. I will always henceforth be a traditional, non-denominational Pentecostal. 

By saying that, I reject the following antinomian Charismatic ministries as defective and not approaching the holiness of Jesus:

1. Rock Church International

2. Non-Denominational Charismatic churches

3. MorningStar Ministries

4. Catch The Fire

5. Bethel Church (Redding, CA)

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