Dream of the Money-Grabbing Pastor

I dreamed I was at the house of a pastor in which I was seeking a ministry opportunity. I learned a lot of the inner goings on at how and why he thought certain ways when I was there. But in the dream, it was a Saturday morning or something at the pastor’s house, and I was sitting at the table with my dad; and I think Rebekah. The pastor’s wife got up and there was a pot of broth and she asked, “How do you make vegetable soup?” I said, “Green beans, potatoes, carrots, etc.” Then the pastor came in; I almost laughed, because it was like me and him had an inside joke that we had just shared, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then he comes and greets us. I shake his hand with my left, because my right is in use. I felt brotherly love for him. Then he introduces himself to my dad and says, “Hey, are you John’s dad?; I’m Rev. ——–. We’re having a fundraiser this weekend….this and that…and we’re going to have ——- for our guest speaker….there’ll be this….and that….it’ll be great.” Quite a sales pitch! Then I woke up. My dad’s face was grieved.


The past two Sundays we attended different churches in different towns. One black and poor, the other white and rich. BOTH pastors laid a guilt-trip on their churches to GIVE MORE MONEY TO THE CHURCH: OR YOU’RE IN SIN.

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