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Preventing HomosexualityDr. Nicolosi began his career doing mental health counseling focused on homosexual men. Over the years he noticed one recurring theme amongst his patients; in every case there was a ‘disconnect’ between the homosexual man and his father. Fascinated, Dr. Nicolosi began working with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) boys. He gives a really excellent description of how GID might be present in a little boy. It’s NOT the boy who puts on his mom’s shoes and clomps around the house. Rather, it’s the boy who’s obsessed with things ‘feminine.’ These boys also hang back from playing with other boys their age because they feel ‘other than.’ These boys have been described as ‘kitchen window boys’ because they will watch their peers play and long to join in, but can’t relate to the boys as one of them.

As Dr. Nicolosi counseled these GID boys he noticed a common theme; a father who was ‘absent’ in his son’s life. Absent doesn’t necessarily mean not in the home. It could be that the father disapproved of his son, was disappointed in him because the boy didn’t fit the father’s ideal of what a son should be, therefore the father in essence ‘rejects’ his son. Perhaps the father wants an athletic son and the boy is artistic. The father of the GID boy couldn’t reconcile with how his son was wired, and the child got the message that something was deficient in him. In other cases the father was physically absent, thereby ‘rejecting’ his son by not being in his life.

Interestingly, Dr. Nicolosi says that if he can get through to the father and work with him in accepting his son and his interests, the vast majority of GID boys lose their propensity to act out in a feminine way. The majority of GID boys Dr. Nicolosi works with grow up to be heterosexual men. Dr. Nicolosi’s work is backed up with the correct, controlled research that is required to statistically analyze and report findings. It’s not considered ‘politically correct,’ therefore Dr. Nicolosi has come under fire for writing this book. Yet the research speaks for itself, and I found it fascinating.

Dr. Nicolosi has a word of warning to mothers; relinquish your boy children to their father between 18-24 mos. of age so the boy can begin to identify with his father as a male. The mother must not over-protect or keep the boy from positive male influence.

Dr. Nicolosi has found that homosexuality isn’t about sex; it’s about wanting to identify with other males because the homosexual man feels deficient in that area.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to parents of boys. It is well written, and although Dr. Nicolosi is a scholar, it’s written in such a way that the layman can understand it. Dr. Nicolosi is simply disseminating information he’s gleaned from YEARS of practical, hands-on research. The book is not based upon theory but upon fact.

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