Dream of the Ka’aba Coming on the Clouds of Heaven (2001)

I dreamed that I was on what was then an incomplete highway—currently under construction in the area that I grew up. Road signs would say, “Future I-540.” In the dream, I was in a crowd of about thirty young men my age (16-18 years old) and we were having an open air meeting on the incomplete highway. A bully from my high school who also attended a United Methodist church I used to go to—he was preaching to us, but he was definitely saved. Behind him lay a paved dirt road, waiting for its blacktop to be laid down for highway usage. Trees were on the sides of this road, as is the case of most roads in this area. The sky was blue and had great puffy cumulus clouds.

Ka'abaAs the boy was preaching, the sky behind him displayed a terrifying sight: a great and powerful cumulus cloud with the Ka’aba[1] on it, and next to it was a gateway hundreds of feet tall—shaped like a vertical trapezoid, which had the United Nations emblem over the archway. Many flags of nations were on either side of this U. N. gateway. This gateway was giant, because broad is the way that leads to destruction (Matt. 7:13). This bizarre vision of the hundred foot tall Ka’aba, and the U. N. gateway with international flags, was positioned on top of a great and thunderous cumulus cloud. It all came towards us down from the sky as if it were descending to the Earth. It was so large and thunderous that I felt it was going to crush us all. I was paralyzed with fear—and my body was stiff and weak, unable to move because the hand of the Lord was upon me (the fear of the Lord, the presence of God), and I was temporarily experiencing sleep paralysis.


Awhile after I had this dream, I met a young black Pentecostal seer, and he told me that he had a gift of dream interpretation, and would interpret this dream for me. As he gave the interpretation, I agreed with him 100%. He said the incomplete road symbolizes the future, the young men symbolize men who God is preparing for future ministry, the Ka’aba symbolizes Islam and the spirit of the Antichrist, and the United Nations gateway symbolizes the one world government—or the New World Order of the Antichrist. The Antichrist and Islam are of the same spirit. I add to this that the New Age Movement has influence over the United Nations, and it intends to unite all world religions and all world governments. I interpret that this Antichrist spirit is a mocker of Christ—this was symbolized by the Ka’aba mockery of the Second Coming in the clouds of Heaven (Dan. 7:13; Matt. 24:30; Rev. 1:7). Furthermore, it appears that the cube shaped Ka’aba is a mockery of the cube shaped New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven (Rev. 21).


[1] The Ka’aba is the “holiest” site in Islam (like the heart of Islam); it is a gigantic black cube in the city of Mecca. Every so often, Muslims all around the world make a pilgrimage to the Ka’aba as part of their religious devotion.

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