Leonard Ravenhill: Revival Forum 89 – SermonIndex.net

Priceless golden nuggets on REAL REVIVAL.

Highlights and guideposts to the way of true holiness-revival:

1. PRAYER MEETINGS – for revival, for fathers, for teenagers, etc.
2. Life of Jonathan Edwards – imitate this saint.
3. Hannah – best example of intercessor in the Bible.
4. Roger Ellsworth’s Come Down, Lord!
5. E. M. Bounds – revival prayer theology.
6. Non-denominational revivalism. (Life Action Ministries; Last Days Ministries)
7. Life of Charles Spurgeon – imitate this saint.
8. Evan Roberts – imitate this saint.
9. William Booth – imitate this saint.
10. John Wesley – imitate this saint.
12. Dr. Watts’ Plain and Easy Catechisms for Children – kids can memorize.
13. (1) We Don’t Know God in Prayer. (Puritan Christology)
14. (2) We’ve Lost Sight of the Day of Judgment. (Puritan Eschatology)
15. Jonathan Edwards’ The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
16. Jack Deere (Surprised by the Voice of God, etc)
17. Be willing to lose church/pastor friends over being HOLY and ZEALOUS!! (rejected).
18. William Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armor
19. L. G. Parkhurst’s modern editions of Charles Finney‘s books
20. P. T. Forsyth’s The Soul of Prayer

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