As it is in the MP3 music search on, the following is my first “Revival Worship Collection 1.” Songs are ranked for their musical and lyrical quality on a scale from 1-10. Reverence, majesty, quality, holiness, and lordship salvation. Glory to Jesus!

For my views of Pentecostal praise and worship, see chapter 1 of my e-book How to Experience God.

1. Robin Mark – I Am Persuaded (10/10)
2. Robin Mark – Jesus, All For Jesus (8/10)
3. Robin Mark – Lord Have Mercy (Live) (8/10)
4. Robin Mark – There Is No Other Name (9/10)
5. Robin Mark – When It’s All Been Said And Done (9/10)
6. Robin Mark – Be Unto Your Name (8/10)
7. Keith Green – How Majestic Is Thy Name (8/10)
8. Keith Green – Glory Lord Jesus (8/10)
9. Keith Green – Until That Final Day (8/10) – saw white angel sparkle while listening!
10. Keith Green – Jesus Is Lord of All (9/10)
11. Michael Card – Be Thou My Vision (9/10)
12. Amy Grant – Thy Word (8/10)
13. Don Moen – Ah, Lord God (8/10)
14. Don Moen – I Just Want to Be Where You Are (8/10)
15. Vineyard Music – Glorify (8/10)
16. Vineyard Music – You Are Mighty (8/10)
17. Vineyard Music – I See The Lord (8/10)
18. Matt Redman – Lord, Let Your Glory Fall (9/10)
19. Graham Kendrick – Knowing You (10/10)
20. Travis Cottrell – Holy Holy Holy (Hosanna) (10/10)
21. Charlie Leblanc – To Him Who Sits On the Throne (10/10)
22. Betty Johnson – Rock of Ages, Cleft For Me (9/10)
23. Virgil Meares – There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood (9/10)
24. University of Texas – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (10/10)
25. Harvard University Choir – Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (10/10)
26. London Philharmonic Choir – Praise to the Lord the Almighty (10/10)
27. Choir of Paisley Abbey – Be Still My Soul (10/10)
28. Harding University Concert Choir – As The Deer (9/10)
29. West Coast Baptist College – Before the Throne of God Above (10/10)
30. Morgan State University Choir – The Solid Rock (10/10)


Steve Camp


UPDATE: 12/2/14 – Revival Worship Albums

1. The Best of Rev. Milton Brunson
2. Robin Mark – Revival in Belfast I and II
3. The Essential John P. Kee
4. Hillsong – Shout To The Lord (2 discs; special gold edition)
5. Mississippi Mass Choir – The First Twenty Years
6. Keith Green – The Ministry Years I and II
7. Rich Mullins – Liturgy and Songs
8. Michael Card – The Ultimate Collection


About John Boruff

John Boruff is the founder of, a husband, father, and sometimes an open air preacher. He graduated from UNC Pembroke in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and views himself as a Baptistic Pentecostal. As a Christian, he feels connected with all members of the body of Christ, but can identify the most with churches like the Assemblies of God and the Vineyard. In 2015, he released "The Gospel of Jesus Christ," which is meant to be a Bible study for open air preaching. For his other writings, search articles on this site or see the E-Books section.
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