Clergy on Fire!

What models or examples are there in the Christian corpus of clergymen or pastors who were on fire for God, preached holiness and righteousness hard-core with passion and zeal, and were evangelistically driven? Even as street preachers? Very few that I know of. I can’t say all of these street preached, but I’m inclined to think these were mostly CLERGY ON FIRE. See Leonard Ravenhill’s Sodom Had No Bible, “Part 2: Portraits of Revival Preachers.”

All five of these men were on-fire-for-God, holiness-preaching pastors, whom Leonard Ravenhill (d. 1994) looked up to, as models of the Christian ministry! Chadwick was his mentor. S. E. Dwight was the great-grandson of Jonathan Edwards.

According to Date of Death

Richard Baxter (d. 1691)1691 – The Autobiography of Richard Baxter ed. J. M. Lloyd-Thomas (1931)

Jonathan Edwards (d. 1758) - Calvinist Puritan1758 – The Life of President Edwards by S. E. Dwight (1830) | Jonathan Edwards

William Grimshaw of Haworth1763 – William Grimshaw, Incumbent of Haworth by Robert Spence Hardy (1860)

John Wesley (d. 1791)1791 – The Life of John Wesley by John Telford (Wesleyan Methodist Book Room, 1899)

Samuel Chadwick1932 – Samuel Chadwick by Norman Dunning (Hodder and Stoughton, 1933)

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