Great Street Preacher Biographies

Street Preacher Arranged by Date of Death

1572 – John Knox (John Murray’s John Knox)

John Bunyan Open-Air Preaching1688 – John Bunyan (Sam Wellman’s John Bunyan)
George Whitefield Open Air Preaching

1770 – George Whitefield (Arnold Dallimore’s George Whitefield)
John Wesley Open Air Preaching

1791 – John Wesley (Basil Miller’s John Wesley)
1816 – Francis Asbury (David Salter’s America’s Bishop)
1892 – Charles Spurgeon (Kathy Tiggs’ Charles Spurgeon)
1899 – D. L. Moody (James Findlay’s Dwight L. Moody)
1912 – William Booth (David Bennett’s William Booth ; Harold Begbie’s The Life of William Booth – recommended by Ravenhill: In Light of Eternity, p. 263)
1913 – E. M. Bounds (Darrel King’s E. M. Bounds)
1928 – R. A. Torrey (Roger Martin’s R. A. Torrey)
Leonard Ravenhill (d. 1994)1994 – Leonard Ravenhill (Mack Tomlinson’s In Light of Eternity)

Charles Spurgeon, “Open-Air Preaching”


Helpful links on classic street preaching advice, inspirational stories, and methods…

Charles Finney’s “How to Preach the Gospel” in Lectures
John Gillies’ Memoirs of the Life of George Whitefield, chs. 4-6

John Telford’s The Life of John Wesley, Ch. 14: “Wesley’s Preachers
Edwin Byington’s Open-Air Preaching, pp. 27-60, 85
Charles Spurgeon’s “Open-Air Preaching
R. A. Torrey’s “Open-Air Meetings
Gerald Sutek’s Street Preachers’ Manual


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