A Wesleyan Gospel Bibliography: On Justification and Sanctification

1740 – John Wesley’s The Principles of a Methodist. 24 pages.

1835 – Adam Clarke’s Christian Theology, Chs. 7-13

1840 – John Wesley (and William Carpenter’s) Wesleyana

1847 – Thomas Ralston’s Elements of Divinity

1882 – S. M. Merrill’s Doctrinal Aspects of Christian Experience

1903 – Wilbur Tillett’s Personal Salvation

1935 – G. C. Cell’s The Rediscovery of John Wesley

1946 – Harald Lindström’s Wesley and Sanctification

1960 – John Deschner’s Wesley’s Christology

1989 – Kenneth Collins’ Wesley on Salvation

1994 – Thomas Oden’s John Wesley’s Scriptural Christianity, Chs. 6-11

1997 – Kenneth Collins’ The Scripture Way of Salvation

2003 – Steve Harper’s The Way to Heaven, Chs. 4-5

2012 – Thomas Oden’s John Wesley’s Teachings, Vol. 2: Christ and Salvation

I warn against the following Wesleyan books that have misrepresented John Wesley’s soteriology in some crucial areas: (1) Randy Maddox’s Responsible Grace, Ch. 1, argues that Wesley believed in universal salvation; but NO!–that totally contradicts his 1756 letter to William Law. (2) Albert Outler’s John Wesley seems to downplay the importance of the Aldersgate Experience on May 24th, 1738, when Wesley’s heart burned with the Holy Spirit, and he received revelation that “Christ alone” had forgiven his sins. (3) Colin Williams’ John Wesley’s Theology Today completely ignores Wesley’s emphasis on the moral law for salvation. (4) William Cannon’s The Theology of John Wesley distorts the important doctrine of synergism.

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