Good Locations for Open Air Preaching

1. Downtown City Parks. Every city has its own “central park” just like Manhattan. Raleigh, NC has its Moore Square. And many other towns have places like this. Target audience: homeless, beggars, sick, poor people. Sometimes you will find elderly people walking through the park or families.

2. Courthouses. Great environment, especially during the lunch hour, for preaching a “justice of God” type of Gospel message. Justification and repentance makes very much sense in front of a courthouse where criminals are charged and tried before a judge. Somehow Judgment Day just makes more sense in front of a courthouse. Target audience: middle aged lawyers that need to be broken, criminals of all ages–especially the “thugs” and “gangstas”; as well as homeless, beggars, and other inner city employees.

3. State Universities. This is an ideal place to preach the Gospel. Universities are intellectual centers, and a perfect place to spread Christian teachings. Young inquisitive minds of college students, mostly in their early 20s, are trying to find out the meaning of life. At such a time, preaching repentance and conversion through a born again experience, is very ripe. Target audience: college students mainly in their 20s, professors, middle aged commuters, and campus employees. Need some apologetics preparation in the areas of higher Biblical criticism, atheism, Darwinism, and universalism. Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict and Handbook of Today’s Religions are good; Fritz Ridenour’s So, What’s the Difference?; and Ron Rhodes’ Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics. Although state universities are public places just like city parks and courthouses, you will need to schedule a time and place for preaching on campus with the Student Activities office, and get a temporary permit from them. Otherwise, the campus police will kick you off campus.

4. Doctor’s Offices or Hospitals. It was recently suggested to me that healing evangelism, at least on a one-to-one basis, might be possible if done in front of a doctor’s office. Provided that you are standing on a public sidewalk, you should have no conflict with the police. Gathering a crowd? I don’t know if that would be possible. Perhaps. I met an old Pentecostal man who regularly prayed for the sick at nursing homes, and he preached, and sung Gospel songs as well. The Gospels and the Book of Acts do not mention doctor’s offices, hospitals, or infirmaries of any kind. This is because they were a Greco-Roman invention. The Jews did not have them, so far as I know. The Jews had doctors, and they used the “balm of Gilead.” But they did not have any hospitals. But as Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, churches and monasteries adopted hospitals into their buildings, and the Catholic saints prayed for the sick, as well as provided medical treatments. (So says the Wikipedia article on “Hospital.”) Perhaps we need to seek and save the sick, in the same way we seek and save the lost. Target audience: sick, crippled, and even hopelessly “incurable” people. The focus would be divine healing prayer, with a Gospel message mixed in.

5. Free Open Air Divine Healing Crusades. This is a new concept I just thought about. It dawned on me today that throughout the history of the church, most occasions of miraculous healing in answer to the prayer for the sick, have been performed in church buildings, hospitals, or tent revivals (healing revivals). In the 1400s, St. Vincent Ferrer healed a man on a platform that he was preaching on in the open air; that would be the equivalent to an outdoor “healing crusade.” My goal is I want to publicize the power of God with signs, wonders, and miracles. Cloistered healings within the confines of a hospital or church building may result in nothing more than “preaching to the choir.” But what about showing miracles to a lost and skeptical world? I don’t think it would be a bad idea to preach and teach on divine healing with a portable microphone on college campuses; in addition to this, have signs and banners propped up that say things like: “Dr. John G. Lake, Miracle Healing Power,” “MIRACLE CRUSADE,” or “Receive God’s Miracle.” Basically, the healing crusade model is probably the best for what I’m trying to do: make a public display of divine healing, glorifying the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the open air to the non-Christian. I can think of no other place better to do free healing crusades than at state universities! No tents would be needed for this. However, that’s always an option.

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