God is Punishing the Nations for Their Sins!

Dream of Tornado with Graduation Ceremony and Flags of Nations

A few nights ago, I dreamed that my dad and I were sitting at a graduation ceremony. I think it was supposed to be a flashback to my 2008 college graduation. But it was not identical. I saw over the stage there were lines that spanned across the entire crowd. On these lines were flags of the nations. They were big flags, but the odd thing was, is the flags were all scrunched up, and you couldn’t see them. I was kind of irritated about this, and wished a big gust of wind might come by, and blow the flags open so I could see them. Something to pass the time; something to look at. But then, more than a mere gust of wind came through.

At first the sky became stormy and foreboding.
Then a powerful stream of wind blew through the open air, causing the flags to open up, and flap furiously.
Then, over top my dad and I, an enormous tornado appeared–a tornado so large and so dream-like, that the “eye of the tornado” was large enough to engulf us all.
End of dream.

Interpretation: Since 2008, God Has Been Punishing the Nations!

This is not my first tornado dream. In the past 3 or 4 years I think I’ve had about 5-6 dreams about tornadoes. And 2 or 3 of those dreams have been of tornadoes that are supernaturally large–tornadoes so large they could only be seen in a dream. 4 years ago, I even remember a dream where I saw tornado so large it reached from Heaven to Earth, or from the ground, to the height of Earth’s blue atmosphere!

But in this particular tornado dream, something was specifically communicated to me: God is punishing the nations for their sins! I looked at the Bible dictionaries about tornadoes, and they directed me to articles on the “whirlwind.” It is a symbol of the judgment of God for sins. But “judgment” is such a vague and undescriptive word–the sense I get is one of PUNISHMENT. Yes, God is a Judge; but as the Judge of the nations, He has revealed to me that since 2008–through the economic recession–God has been PUNISHING the nations for their sins. And AMERICA is first and foremost, because it was the first flag I saw when the winds started to blow. All the nations are economically dependent upon America, and are thus partakers of her sins. GOD IS PUNISHING AMERICA FOR HER SINS. I am also being punished for my sins, and so is my dad, because we were underneath the tornado. The fathers have failed to raise their sons in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The nations have gone their own way and lived like atheists. Now God is punishing them for rejecting His laws and His presence; and by His grace, some will bow the knee to Jesus Christ. Pray for the nations to repent!

Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
TO REPENT with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, FULL OF SINS
GOD PUNISH AMERICA, My home sweet home
GOD PUNISH AMERICA, My home sweet home.

11/5/11: I just realized after re-reading this article, that the Todd Bentley divorce affair also went down during the 2008 Lakeland healing revival. So also the 2008 onslaught of the economic recession we are currently living in. Among the many sins in America that God is punishing us for–could it be that He is especially punishing the morally lax standards of DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE in the American church? The manifest adultery and godless narcissism? I think so! For my position on divorce and remarriage, which allows for Christian remarriage only under the circumstances of the death of a spouse, the adultery of a spouse, or the desertion of a spouse, see my short e-book Divorce and Remarriage. My view of the issue is basically in agreement with William Heth’s “Remarriage for Adultery or Desertion” in Remarriage After Divorce in Today’s Church: 3 Views. Other than death, adultery, or desertion–I would maintain that there are no other circumstances, that would be Biblically legitimate, for a real Christian to divorce his spouse. So, in other words: if the marriage is rocky, and the husband-wife relationship is strained–it would be THE SIN OF ADULTERY for them to get divorced, simply because they can’t “get along.” What they need in such a circumstance, is to receive Bible-based Christian marriage counseling, and learn how to get along with Biblical guidance.

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