Outlines for a Wesleyan Street Preacher’s Handbook

The Wesleyan Charismatic

Street Preacher’s Handbook (9/30/11)

Part 1: God’s Word of Salvation–The Gospel of Jesus Christ(Albert Outler’s John Wesley’s Sermons; Thomas Oden’s John Wesley’s Scriptural ChristianityClarke’s Christian Theology, Chapters 7-13; Wakefield’s Christian Theology, Book 4, Chapters 8-12; Book 5, Chapters 1-4, 7-8; Steve Harper’s The Way to Heaven; Four Views on Eternal Security; Ray Comfort’s Wesley Gold)


1. THOMAS ODEN’s John Wesley’s Scriptural Christianity
2. STEVE HARPER’s The Way to Heaven; Four Views on Eternal Security
3. BEN YOUNG’s Why Mike’s Not a Christian
4. JACK DEERE’s Surprised by the Power of the Spirit

  1. Justification—Oden, ch. 6: The Incarnate Crucified Lord
  2. Regeneration—Oden, ch. 9: Soteriology
  3. Sanctification—Oden, ch. 10: Sanctification

 Part 2: Man’s Response to the Gospel—What He Must Do to Be Saved

  1. Repentance—The True Sinner’s Prayer—Man’s Saving Response to the Gospel (conscious of justification, regeneration, and sanctification)–Oden, ch. 6
  2. Involvement in a House Church or Cell Group–Oden, ch. 7: The Holy Spirit
  3. The Baptism of Repentance–Oden, pp. 301-302
  4. Discipleship with the Means of Grace–Oden, p. 218; Harper…

Part 3: Refuting Popular Objections to the Wesleyan Gospel—Dismissing the Excuses of the Unsaved

  1. All Paths Lead to God—Oden, p. 218; Alan Gomes’ Unitarian Universalism; Jerry Walls’ Hell; Ben Young’s Why Mike’s Not a Christian, ch. 2;
  2. The Bible is Full of Myths and Contradictions—Oden, p. 229 (on Skepticism); Gary North’s The Hoax of Higher Criticism; Young, ch. 5
  3. There is No God—Oden, pp. 41-42 (on Atheism); Ron Rhodes’ Answering the Objections of Atheists, Agnostics, and Skeptics
  4. True For You, But Not For Me—Young, ch. 1
  5. Jesus Was Just a Man—Oden, ch. 6; Young, ch. 7
  6. All Christians Are Hypocrites—Young, ch. 3
  7. Once Saved, Always Saved—Oden, ch. 8; Steve Harper in Four Views on Eternal Security
  8. Cheap Grace—Oden, ch. 6; John Fletcher’s Checks to Antinomianism
  9. Catholic Works Salvation—Wesley, “Letter to a Roman Catholic”; James McCarthy’s The Gospel According to Rome, Part 1
  10. Protestant Works Salvation (baptism, false sinner’s prayer, churchgoing, pay tithe)
  11. Man is Naturally Able to Obey God’s Commandments (Pelagianism)–Oden, Chapter 8: On Grace and Predestination
  12. Sanctified Christians Can Be 100% Sinless and Perfect (Holiness Movement Perfectionism)–Oden, ch. 10: Sanctification
  13. Friendship Evangelism–Wesley, “On Friendship with the World” (Sermon #80)
  14. Confrontational Evangelism–Spurgeon, “Open-Air Preaching, Part 2”
  15. Cessationism–Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Power of the Spirit

Part 4: Power Evangelism—Confirming the Gospel with Signs Following (Lake, Murray, Hunter, Clark, Wimber, etc)

  1. Levels of Faith, Levels of Miracles
  2. Laying on of Hands
  3. Multiple Healing Commands in Jesus’ Name
  4. Discerning of Spirits and Casting Out Demons
  5. God’s Will, God’s Timing, and Healing Commands (Jas. 5:14-15; mystery: Job 2:7 and 2 Cor. 12:7)
  6. God’s Voice, Visions, and Impressions for Others
  7. Sympathetic Pains for Healing Others
  8. Refuting the Positive Confession Healing Philosophy
  9. Go to the Healer, Avoid the Charlatan
  10. Using Medicine is Not a Sin!

Part 5: Guidelines for Open Air Preaching—How to Be a Persuasive Evangelist (Spurgeon, Torrey, Comfort, Wesley, Finney, Sutek)

  1. Public Universities and Town Squares
  2. Balancing Law and Grace
  3. Sinners Made to Feel Guilty and Repent Right Now
  4. New Converts Urged to Live Holy
  5. Extempore Preaching: Preaching without Notes
  6. Quiet, Conversational Street Preaching: Not Shouting or Yelling
  7. Charles Spurgeon’s Remarks on Open Air Preaching
  8. R. A. Torrey on Open Air Meetings
  9. John Wesley on Regeneration and House Church (Harper)
  10. A Short History of Open Air Preaching

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