Visualization and Vision of a Lost Key

Rebekah was looking for a key she had accidentally knocked off a ledge. She wasn’t sure if it had fallen on the floor, or the shelf, but knew the general area that the key fell into. I got a flashlight to thoroughly look for it, but couldn’t see it. Then I kneeled, and prayed, “Jesus, please show me in a vision where the key is.” And I closed my eyes, and visualized the shelf and the general area. And then in my imagination, I saw a closed vision of the key wedged in between some folders in a crate on the shelf. Then I opened my eyes and stood on my feet. I took the crate off the shelf, and took out the folders one by one. Sure enough–as I was doing this, the key fell out of the crate, and onto the floor! Jesus showed me where the lost key was in a closed vision, because I simply asked Him to! I thank Him for giving me this gift of the Spirit!

About Wesley Gospel is self-published in the spirit of John Wesley and the Reformers, as when they used the printing press. The truth of God won't be censored or suppressed!
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