Dream About the Lord’s Supper

Last week I dreamed that I was at a dinner table with a group of house church Christians. I was telling them that I believe when we take communion, the Holy Spirit enters into the bread and grape juice. This comes from my understanding of John 6:53-64 and certain experiences of the love of God I’ve had after praying over my food. After I said these things, several of the brothers looked skeptical. Then I said, “If you don’t believe me, then I will pray that God will make this real to you.” After I said this, I noticed that the angel Monica, from Touched by an Angel, was sitting across the table from me. She said, “I believe you.” Then I saw a vision of Christ’s face; I heard a whip strike His back; and I heard Him yell out in pain–to atone for my sins. Then I entered into some kind of a “passion experience” where I sympathized with the sufferings of Christ. And I heard music that was mysterious, eerie, and otherworldly.

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