Dream of the 666 Microchip, Etc.

I just dreamed of four visions that suggest we may be living in the last generation of history–the time of the Antichrist. Thank You God for these visions of warning!

  1. Vision of a New Age Rock Concert. I dreamed that my old Christian friend was in his teenage years. He was with another friend at something like a Nirvana concert, with great masses of fans. On the back of his T-shirt was a picture of a black King Cobra snake, with the words underneath: “Wisdom of the New Age.” When I saw this, I had the impression that my old friend didn’t know what it meant, which is why he was wearing the shirt. I don’t think he understood the evil of the New Age movement.
  2. Vision of African Pentecostal Healers. I was driving with my brother down a road in the area we are living, and towards an exit for the highway. And I heard my old friend’s voice say in my mind, “The black Pentecostal healers in Africa are very anointed.’ Are they from the Charismatic Renewal of the ’70s?’ I asked. ‘No they’re not Charismatic, but they can heal.'”
  3. Vision of Pagan Christianity. I continued to drive with my brother down the highway. On the right side of the highway there was a huge black rock face, or cliff escarpment, like in the Appalachian mountains. As we were driving, a small piece of rock fell off of the cliff face, and onto the highway. It was small enough to pick up. This happened as my brother and I were having a conversation about house church. He said something like, “Why do you believe so strongly about this house church thing?” And I replied, “Honestly, I read Pagan Christianity, and I just can’t deny all of the footnotes, and historical references.” And as I was saying this, the little piece of rock chipped off of the side of the cliff, and I picked it up as we were driving 60 miles an hour or so. It was just the right size of rock for making an idol, were someone to do so. “You see this rock?” I said. “This is what church traditions are like; they’re hard, they can be carved out by man, and revered.” I said something like that.
  4. Vision of the 666 Microchip. After passing by the rock face, we were stopped on the highway by a tollbooth. We paid our toll, but then we were asked to pull aside, and come out of our car. We were then asked to go into a little booth with a bunch of lockboxes with little gold padlocks on them. Outside of this booth, there was an Evangelical man–a family man in his thirties–that was arguing with one of the tollbooth guards. Apparently he didn’t want to cooperate with what was going on. My brother and I went into the special booth, and were going to open a padlock as we were told. One of the lockboxes had already been unlocked, but not fully opened. I figured that this was the one opened by the angry Evangelical man outside. I didn’t touch the lock, because I suddenly “knew that I knew” the 666 microchip was inside. “Living in a Third World country doesn’t sound so bad right now, does it?” I said to my brother. Then I woke up.

The following are books that come to my mind in light of this dream. Click on them if you want to buy them at Amazon.com…

Ogbu Kalu’s African Pentecostalism: An Introduction (2008)
Candy Brown’s Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Healing (2011; not yet published)

Douglas Groothuis’ Unmasking the New Age (1986) and Confronting the New Age (1988)

Frank Viola and George Barna’s Pagan Christianity (2008)

Henry Vandergriff’s Mystery Babylon: The Coming Microchip Economy (2000) and The Last Golden Calf: The Microchip Identity (2002)

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