The Mountain

Verse 1
D                                  A
A man takes a rest upon
D                  A      D                    Am (w/no index finger) (Am+)
The mountain of contemplation
D                      A                     A
Reposing above in the lillies
D              Am+
His Achilles

Em                       F (power chord) (Fp)
It’s an upward climb
Em                             Fp
Gonna take some time
Em                          Fp      G
Flesh and Spirit fight, Lord
Em                 Fp
In order to thrive
Em                Fp
Keep hope alive
Em                  Fp            G
Resist, press on, and strive

Verse 2
D                                      A
The hard times have past
D                       A                           Am+
Some rest at last, and relaxation
D                              A
Your Spirit I can feel
D                A                         Am+
It’s a comfort that is so real

Close: Combine Verse 1 + 2

About Wesley Gospel is in the spirit of John Wesley; and the spirit of the Reformation when it discovered the printing press. The truth of God will not be suppressed!
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