The Coming Persecution – The Vision (1973 Prophecy) – David Wilkerson

The Vision WilkersonThe night he unveiled his vision to an unsuspecting audience. He was scheduled to speak at a massive charismatic conference in Minneapolis, hosted by the acknowledged charismatic movement leader David du Plessis. His invitation to Dad gave my father’s message an added weight. The auditorium held about ten thousand people, mostly charismatic Lutherans…the atmosphere was giddy, with throngs of happy Christians doing sit-down-stand-up songs. It was the sort of thing Dad abided until his turn came to speak. That night, when he stepped to the microphone, he got straight down to business…Several district superintendents in the Assemblies of God shut him off. It was a horribly hard time for him, because he lost some friends. Some just didn’t want to be associated with him, probably to preserve their reputations…Dad’s ministry did suffer…we lost track of how many times we heard someone report that Dad was having a nervous breakdown…When The Vision came out (1973), [the Texas State Baptist Convention/Southern Baptists] pulled away as if they’d been scalded. Brother Dave understood that. I think he knew it was going to happen…Our father got a phone call from a minister friend within the denomination. As Dad hung up the receiver, he was ashen. “So-and-so just told me off,” he said…Even a few people involved in Teen Challenge had turned against him…When they started to hear about little black boxes on TV sets turning homes into porno palaces, they rejected him…Those reactions were tempered somewhat as The Vision’s predictions started coming to pass…Brother Dave brought a prophet’s mantle into the church, and people didn’t know how to respond to it…He was a prophet (Gary Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, pp. 173-174).

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