A Rare Vision, and Precious to Behold

St Patrick Driving the Snakes Out of IrelandThe man of God appeared
In the eyes of my mind;
It was power, and it was good
And it showed me what to be.

A rare vision, and precious to behold
To see in spirit, what it was, and who;
The stuff of saints and prophets
Of Elijah, Elisha, and the Baptist.

The material of the Spirit
The Man of men;
The man of God that teaches
All men true manliness.

In Christ, the true Christ–
All is restored;
The creation, the might, the wind;
The power, the mind of wisdom.

I saw in spirit what it means
To be a man;
In a flash, in a moment:
A rare vision, and precious to see.

To understand by that light
Which enlightens all men in Christ;
By the Spirit, enlivening by feeling
And the power that brings life.

And, I saw the arm of power
Not by physical, but by might of the Spirit;
Creating, and reforming, and renewing;
Protecting, and providing, and establishing.

About Wesley Gospel

WesleyGospel.com is in the spirit of John Wesley; and the spirit of the Reformation when it discovered the printing press. The truth of God will not be suppressed!
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