False Prophets and the Seeker-Sensitive Church

I had a dream in 2007 that was a prophetic warning against me being involved in ministry in any church showing signs of the Seeker-Sensitive Movement (which I now understand is the majority). It has taken me a while to come to this interpretation; but now I know its true. For a while I thought Frank Viola’s interpretation was right–that it would be about “the institutional church” (all non-house churches). But now I see more clearly, through historical reformational and revivalistic soteriology eyes–that this was really a prophetic dream against the Seeker-Sensitive Movement and how its ashamed of the Gospel. (See Gary Gilley’s This Little Church Went to Market and John MacArthur’s Ashamed of the Gospel.)


My Friend and I Wake Up in an Underground Cave

God gave me a dream last night about false prophets. It goes like this. I had a dream that me and an old Christian friend were at some type of youth gathering again—like a church camp. But it was the night of the last day, and we were trying to get some precious sleep. So, at about 2:30 A.M. or so, we got into our beds. I couldn’t fall asleep, and my friend had headphones that just blaringly turned on and woke him out of a restless sleep. The strange thing was that our beds were located in a giant room where the pool was; the pool of the resort we were at for the youth gathering. The pool room was underground like a cave. Well, as I saw my friend wake up, the lights in this giant pool room turned on. And a young man, a lifeguard, was sitting next to the pool. “What!” I said, “It’s way too late for this!” It was very absurd and irritating. Then a few kids started pouring in the room, and they began swimming.

A Boy Nearly Drowns in the Pool

Then, there was a little boy that wanted to dive off one of the big diving boards. But off the diving board, there was a “Tarzan rope” for swinging into the water. By this time, the kids’ parents were at the pool side, getting ready to pick them up. Just like at a church camp. As the little boy wanted to use the diving board rope, the lead lifeguard—(there was another too, a young man)—showed the boy how to safely use the Tarzan rope, in front of all of the parents. “Well,” I thought, “There’s no use trying to sleep now.” So I tried to find some weights that I might exercise with in the pool. As everyone else was doing their stuff, I worked out with some weights in the shallow water. But they weren’t very effective. Then the boy jumped into the water. I swam to the pool’s edge to put the weights there. No one noticed me. I got out of the pool, and stood on the side with everyone else. Most everyone was watching the boy in the water. I noticed the young lead lifeguard standing on the weights I put on the pool’s edge, as he was watching the boy. The boy began to drown under the water. And some random young man from the crowd jumped in to save him. The lifeguard still watching. The boy was rescued.

A Carnal Lifeguard Boastfully Preaches a Sermon

Prideful PastorThen the lifeguard started to give a speech to everyone about how he is a preacher, and about how God talks to him. A peculiar feature though, the lifeguard was completely naked! This represents shame and carnality. Then there appeared some sweatpants on him to somewhat cover his nakedness. But they were on too loosely, and would still show some of his nakedness. Still representing carnality or sexual immorality. So, the young lifeguard who didn’t save the boy–was a carnal preacher. As all of the parents were listening to him, he essentially said, “I used to be a mountain boy from a rough Communist country. And I used to preach to people saying, ‘You need to repent of your sins, and fear your God, lest His wrath continue to burn hot against you.’” “But then,” he said, “God talked to me, saying, ‘Don’t preach like that, because I am a gentle god.’” (After he said “God” told him that, I intuitively knew that was a demon speaking a half-truth to him. God wants us to preach repentance, the fear of the Lord, and divine wrath, but in light of God’s mercy.) As the carnal lifeguard preacher kept on speaking, I remember him saying this: “God also saw fit to speak to me one time through a vision. I saw a train, and it was weeping. O, I thought, how wonderful it is for God to give me such a marvelous vision.”

The Carnal Preacher Doesn’t Understand His Vision

I discerned that the true God had really spoken to him that time. The train represents the continually working church. The fact that the train was weeping, represents how this carnal preacher was hindering the work of God in the church. (Or, in his church particularly.) And the church was sad, that this carnal preacher had done so much damage. But the meaning of the vision was hidden from this prideful young man, just as Nebuchadnezzar’s dream interpretation was hidden from him. And as I saw the young man speaking more (which I believe, represents his “preaching”), I saw the other young man who had saved the young boy’s life.

The Carnal Preacher is Jealous

And the young boy, himself now grown into a young man, came and hugged the young man that saved his life. And the grown boy, hugging him, was weeping and saying thank you. This was in front of all of the parents, the pool, and the prideful carnal lifeguard preacher. Then I saw the carnal lifeguard preacher say something to the young man that was hugged, something about immodestly dressed women—he was to speak! Then the young man that saved the boy’s life started saying some rebuking things to the carnal lifeguard preacher. “Way to speak out of turn!” the carnal preacher said back. Then I heard the voice of an old man, welcome the good young man who saved the boy’s life, to his house. “My wife will be happy to meet you,” he said. But then he said, “Oh no. O Lord, O Lord, my wife died 10 years ago.”


God’s young prophets are being awakened from their spiritual slumber. They want to sleep, but God is not letting them; He is disciplining them. Some of God’s young prophets are being foolish, rebellious, and disobedient to His voice. However, God says, “Enough of this. I’m calling you to put an end to this foolishness.” Alongside of God’s young prophets, there are young false prophets. Some of them have enormous megachurches (signified by the large pool), but they are wicked churches, and their sin has been concealed from me until now. These are those pastors and churches influenced by Rick Warren and the Seeker-Sensitive Movement; who refuse to preach repentance and the true lordship salvation Gospel. God is going to be revealing the sin in some of these megachurches with all of their false prophets. The false prophets of these churches are leading their church members into sin. The sin is destroying, killing, and causing them to be unsaved.

Independent evangelists and Christians not swayed by seeker-sensitive ideas will try to rescue their lost relatives from these evil churches. These friends and relatives will mainly be part of the older generation, but there will be part of the younger generation mixed in there too. However, the false prophets will try to deceive these friends and families into thinking that “all is safe.”

Some of God’s young prophets are going to try to do ministry work in these wicked, mostly large institutional churches. They will hope to change the churches from the inside out. But God will show them that it will be no use. And any good influences of God’s prophets on these churches will only scratch the surface. So the true prophets will leave the carnal seeker-sensitive churches, because they will realize it’s no use. After these prophets leave the carnal churches, the false prophet church leaders will reclaim their place of influence; and will regain total dominance over their churches.

But not all of the people in these churches are going to Hell. There will be a small number that will desire to be saved (a remnant). But because they won’t know what to do, it will take godly friends and relatives to convert them; and possibly preachers from other godly churches in private conversation. And by this, a small number of people in the seeker-sensitive churches will be saved from the religious control of their “pastors.” And with tears, they will thank the messengers of God that showed them the truth. The false prophets will continue to puff themselves up with pride.[1] Loving to be seen and heard by men, they will boast to everyone about how “God talks to them.” They will continue to preach and preach their empty meaningless words. And these preachers will bear the fruits of carnality, moral laxity, and hypocrisy.

Some false prophets will boast of having hard, difficult childhoods. And they will say, because of this, “We used to preach the fear of the Lord, repentance, and the wrath of God. But since then, God has told us that He is a gentle God, and therefore commands us not to preach on such things.” This half-truth will deceive many people; they preach soft messages, so that they can have many church members, and pay the bills for their church buildings and programs. As the true preacher is to preach with gentleness, he is also to call people to repentance, the fear of the Lord, and to warn people to flee the wrath to come.

And because of all the damage that these false prophets caused, it will cause their churches to weep, because their false prophets had deceived them; and because their false prophets hindered the work of God (revival) in their churches. God will even try to speak to some false prophets through open visions. The false prophets will rejoice over the fact that they have received supernatural experiences from God, and they will brag to people about it. But, because of their pride, like King Nebuchadnezzar, the meanings of their visions will be hidden from them. And they will not realize that their visions were spoken against them as judgments and punishments. Years will pass, and the false prophets will continue to preach their empty, humanly-devised messages.

And some of the godly outsiders that rescued the drowning in the seeker-sensitive churches, will be thanked and honored by those that got saved—right in front of the eyes of some of these false prophets. And when the godly outsiders are in the presence of the false prophets, the false prophets will pretend to be godly. But secretly, the false prophets hate the godly outsiders that rescued people from their seeker-sensitive churches. And some of the godly rescuers will rebuke the false prophets. But because the false prophets are foolish, they despise correction (Proverbs 12:1; 15:10). They will accuse the godly outsiders of “speaking out of turn”—that is, preaching without a denominational preacher’s license. Some of the older Jesus freaks from the Jesus Movement and the house church movement will give places for the young prophets to speak in their house churches or small groups; it will be their responsibility to carry the true lordship salvation Gospel into the next generation, because the older Jesus freaks are dying of old age and losing their memory. May I be counted among the new Jesus generation of lordship salvation prophets!


[1] 6/27/14: I now understand the false prophets to be seeker-sensitive pastors who domineer over their church members, and puff themselves up with pride. This is not to say that all pastors are false prophets, but only a general trend among them.

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